Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday Night..!

Well.. it's friday evening and there is nothing on the tv to watch so before all the light has gone I thought I would take a couple of photos to add to my blog... I'm not happy with the quality but never mind.. I think a new camera is on the very top of my christmas wish list.. What year I could get one I don't know, but I won't hold my breath...

The swimming Tilda is a little poorly, as when i came to ink her up she only had one full eye the other just a circle..I thought it was just my normal rubbish stamping effort so I tried again... No she looked a bit odd so I had a try at penning in the circle but she just did not look right. The pressure was not the same if you know what I mean... I have never had a problem with any of the magnolia stamps before and i do have a fair few, so I phoned the craft shop and she has told me to return it no problem and out of the 3 others she had left she had another one the same...
Poor old Tilda..... Anyway I just had to make a card with one of the stamped images I made... so I hope you can't see what I can see.... I could make a get well card with the bad image I have left...
The other card (another very Pink one)I'm not so sure about the embellishment and may change it..
Well i'm sory it is a short and sweet post but I will be back to "Rabbit" on a bit over the weekend...Have a great weekend and please call back and leave me some Love..

Lynn xx

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Photos to go with the last post. !!

Yeah ok there is a limit to how many photos you can add to a blog...
here are the rest ;o)
Please read the "Very Pink" Post..!

Very Pink..

Yes I know you have been missing
me... Lol.. but I'm here now.... I have been busy making my
next door neighbours wedding invitations...and a very very pink door hanger as I enjoyed making the last one and using up a lot of my scrap paper too.
Some of the papers used are from RAKs sent from new friends on PCP..
Have you ever been on there? You can meet some wonderful people from all over the world..
You have to be careful though as you can start talking on the chat line with some very strange people for a good and very funny Hour....!! Lol
Yeah you know who you are ;o) I always end up burning our tea if I'm not careful...
I think she knows i'm joking it happens only once a day...
The answer to the question you asked earlier about the magnolia stamp is on the magnolia group... Enough of the chat..

The wedding invitations were to be very plain and simple (just how I like it).
They were my wedding gift to Claire and James along with some favours, but they will not be done for a while yet.. Yes they will be on my blog when they are done..
They are in Pink too...!

My new door/wall hanging is in every shade of pink you could think of... Last year I was not a lover of PINK..!
I'm not sure if there is a limit to the photos you can add I one go on your blog but I best just pick the best ones or you will still be here looking tomorrow..
I'm sure I rabbit on far too much too.. Please tell me if I do!

Enough said here are the photos or you will never return to my silly little blog...
Please feel free to leave me some love.. it is the only thing these days that costs nothing ;o)

Lynn xx

Monday, 27 July 2009

Door Plaque/Hanging...

Well Hello there...
I have had my monday off as usual other than not taking the gentleman out to the bank and shopping as I have had a problem today... I keep having to go to the loo.. That is all i'm saying..Lol...

It is also a sad day today as I have just been told this morning that one of my other clients has passed away.. He was taken very ill last week so I've been helping his wife a little bit more.I'm back there again tomorrow for a few hours.

I'm so behind with lots of things.. I desperately need to get to the post office etc to post some late RAKs.
I have had chance to play a little today and finish off something that I started last week....There is only 1 square to do now...
There is not much more for me to say today.. just to add the photos. I hope to be back tomorrow but if not I promise to be back by thursday...

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Finishing off...

I'm getting a bit bored of all this tidying..... I need to craft....
Now you know i'm telling "Porky Pies".. Lol... I have been sorting and throwing bits of itsy bitsy scraps of paper that I just think that I could punch the tiniest flower we do.. even card that has been the backing of that wonderful new gadget that you have just bought (well about 3 years ago in my case!)

I have put the finishing touches onto these 2 cards today and have put verses inside huggings of cards and put them into pollybags now and boxed them in the boxes i got from Ikea yesterday... I have also had a bit of a brainwave (what do you mean Oh No not again).. The shoe storage things that you can buy with velcro fastenings that hang inside your wardrobe to hold about 10 pairs and you can buy the boxes (as I did yesterday) too to fit.... well my 4x4 cards fit in there nice and snug so that is what I intend to buy next week...I was going to just put bits and bobs in the boxes as they are long and thought that the long sizzix die cut borders would live in them....
I should rewrite that but I'm sure you can work it all out....! You know i'm a bit too busy just now..

Here are the cards... I need a cup of tea... See you all tomorrow.

Lynn xx

Friday, 24 July 2009

I'm still on my scraps cards today.. and I was going to say no Magnolias either but as you can see I have used the cat and the dog....!!
The other little pooch is from Sugar Nellie and most of you will know that the little truck is from Stamping Up... The little metal frames are from an RAK friend over at Paper Craft Planet..

I'm going to give my neighbour some of these cards as she has sold more cards for me again so it will be a little "Thank You" from me..She is deaf and she takes them to the deaf club...

Well, I came down from playing (and tidying) to have a chat with Marie on Paper Craft Planet but I missed her as I had not been onto my blog so only just got her message to say she would be early ;o( as I came into the room I put on the Tv as I had been watching QVC and thought I will listen to the radio but I must turn it down or Marie would not hear me... ! Mmmmm.
Yeah... it was a little Crazy Senior Citizen moment....! I know I have them all the time..

Time to make tea...!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Scraps Only...

Well I'm sorry but I did not manage to do any more of the new nellies but I may get some done tomorrow.....
I have been on another tidy up mission.. although I have still
been playing but ( there's always a but).. only with any scraps of paper from my ever growing mountain on the floor at the side of my bed.... I'm always playing in bed...
Now now then, keep it clean ladies...!
My hubby is on a mission to decorate ASAP as he is fed up with my MESS ;o(
I have no idea what he means ;o)

I have not even used a Magnolia on these cards and I have used my 4x4 envelopes that i bought especially for smaller cards to use up my bits of scrap paper.. I hate waste, It must be due to being one of Seven children and my mum hated waste....

So these are my creations for today...
Sorry it is short and sweet but i'm in the middle of burning our tea....

Marie, I do not have a clue what went on with our chat.. I could see no text at all until the last minute when you said you would be there tomorrow.. I will be there same time.. XX

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Sugar...

I was one of the very lucky ladies to buy the new Sugar Nellies home grown stamps last week, although with decorating over the last 2 days I have only just managed to make a card... I have used my Sekura pens today.. I've not used them for a while..
These little beauties sold out with in about 48 hours.. There are 4 of them and have managed to put them all onto card but need to make some more up so I only have one card for you tonight...
I will make up for it though in the next couple of days....
Hubby says we are decorating my craft room without having it plastered so it could be done next week... Where am I going to put all that lovely stash...Lol.. I know where hubby would like to put it.. but it would have to be over my dead body.. he reckons even that cold be arranged ;o(
So if you don't hear from me in a while please send the cops around looking under the patio here or at the chalet...

Hope you come back for more of my waffle sooooon....

Lynn xx

Monday, 20 July 2009

Well here I am as promised yesterday with piccies of the long lost stamp...Lol..!
Yeah.. i'm early but we have to decorate today as hubby is off work until thursday morning and I only need to nip out to take someone shopping in the next hour, so I need to hide my laptop away (I may just take it upstairs so that I can have a bit of a 'Hop' tonight).

I have made 2 cards (no I don't sleep) using the same papers as they are fabby papers bought from The Hobby House. (The post man has just been too with my new Sugar Nellies of the Home Grown style... ;o))

Hubby just asked when we finish decorating the room do I want the furniture putting back in the same place etc... I say my furniture moving days are over but if he wants the sofa and tv etc in a different place I don't mind.. We used to have a Taxi business until we grew up and got proper jobs...He used to come home in the early hours some nights and I had moved the bed so he always ended up stubbing his toes.. ;o)

i'm just putting off add the sweetest images.. One is from the new Magnolia Summer kit and the other is a long lost never been used sweetie...!
I hope to be back tomorrow if he has not sealed my laptop shut as he is sat tapping his feet....! As always..

I'm back just to tell you I had taken piccies but not cropped them.. now that that is done I can add them... Have I told you that I have found the sweetest stamp... I best go......

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Well it's just a little blog today (she says..).
As you know (that's if there is anyone out there..!)I hate to tidy
my craft room as I just don't have the time or inclination to do so..
I always say I know where everything is when it's a mess (other than, my half a dozen or so Poky tools that i've had to buy and the odd packet of brads.. you get what i'm saying.. Lol..!)
Well i'm smiling very broadly now as;

A. I have found that I do have a carpet, although it is or was peppered with squashed brads, gems, tiny flowers etc.

B.My desk is clear ( should I say it's getting there.)so I am now richer to the tune of 35p. Don't even ask.....!

C. There is a place for everything and everything is nearly in it's place ;o)

D I have found the one thing lost for some time now and I'm over the moon
I have found the cutest rubber stamp that has never been used and it has driven me to despair that I knew I had it but was nowhere to be found...

But i'm not going to tell you who she is... You will just have to come back tomorrow to see.......!

I'm gong back now to see what other treasures there are hidden in what I call my craft room.. This cleaning lark can be so much fun... Not...

See you tomorrow, well I would love to SEE you but it's just a thing that sits on my knee and it talks to me sometimes ;o)

Lynn xx

Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's the best part of the day when I get on to my blog and have a good old chat to the computer hoping that there is someone out there that will read it and have a laugh or leave me some love....!

I can see the carpet in my craft room today..Lol.. I have been playing but tried using my desk rule..! I can only make a card or finish a card using things that are laying around on my desk.. So half a dozen cards later (and more) my desk was getting clearer.. I was fed up with tripping over boxes so I picked them up and put them away. I even made room for my 12x12 boxes of stamps to go into the wardrobe with the others already there, however my son's dress suit will be a bit creased unless he takes it with him in the next hour when he calls..! If he does that then the other half a dozen 12x12 boxes with my 12x12 paper that is in my hubbies room, can also go into the wardrobe and I will have a happy Hubby.. ;o)

On paper craft planet I have a few of the ladies showing pictures of their craft rooms you should go and have a look on the RAK group.. They all put me to shame...Lol... but what do I care as long as I know where everything is...Mmmmmm!

Well I best show you a couple of finished cards and stop waffling on....
The Blue card was made with scraps of paper lying around and a little bit of red that I had been using on christmas cards last week. The image was sent o me by one of the RAK girls..

The Red card was started ages ago with the flower charm and frame already attached to the card. I love the frame and this was cut on my cricut but I was not sure what to put in the middle of the image I used came from the same RAK friend, then I just needed to add the lettering and the Candy dots that I get from CraftWork Cards down the road in Leeds.
Hope you like them.....
I will be back very sooooon maybe tomorrow but definitely on monday that's if I get time to play.. Lol.. and you know I will..!

Friday, 17 July 2009

So Special..

Well what a daft post it was that I did yesterday..Lol...!
It's a good job you all know me well enough by now to know that I'm totally "Barmy"..!

The paper I was not sure of is the new Lemonade paper by Basic Grey..!
As you must know as i'm on here my craft room has been in use today...
The paper I know is by My Minds Eye.. the fab images was sent to me by Norma one of my new friends on Paper Craft Planet, we did an image swap..
Yeah... I got my McGill paper punch too as you can see with the leaves i've used, again I have made some "scrunch" flowers embelished with some more of the wonderful buttons bought on the East coast of the UK...and the charms from The Hobby House...
Sorry about the interruption... My friends have just been so i'm a
bit fazed, where was I?
Oh yes doing my blog..;o)

I had to place the flower on the right down there as I had done a "Happy Accident" by dropping my brush so there was an extra brush mark to the side of his leg...
I was not sure whether to make it into a Birthday card or an Anniversary card so just added Totally Special to the front.
I think I like this card, as over the last few days I've notbeen sure about the others made.
My friends liked it too.. they also brought me a bag of dirty dusters and cloths to wash which was nice of them...! Ok they were my 2 fantastic full time staff Clare and Sharon but still my mates which is how they became my staff they wanted to do it.. How great is that.. We laugh more than ever now and our elderly clients join in too..
I will have to ask if I can put their photo on here soon as I was asked last week if i would only because I mentioned they now have their uniforms.. (it looks better).
I best go and clean a little bit.. Well an hour will do the trick, but then again it gets dark so early now so may do it later. That is my excuse for today ;o0
Hope you like it...!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thanks to Barbara on PCP (Paper craft Planet) I didn't have to tidy my room..Lol..
She is my saviour for the day, I live another day to craft and not to tidy.... I clean for a living so if I can get away with not cleaning my craft room then I will just play. As you all know the more stash you use the less stash there is to tidy so that is my way of thinking for today, I wonder what excuse I will have tomorrow...! Yeah you will have to come back and see....
Now what have I been doing then with my free time;;
Shopping, Washing, and PLAYING...
My cards are all made with something iv'e not tried before.
The Pale Pink card is made from material, I bought this from The Hobby House here in the UK and used my sewing machine to sew it onto a piece of white card smaller than my 8x8 and added the 3 smaller squares... I did not have a clue what I was doing just messing about..! as you do when your mind goes blank. I need to fray the smaller squares a little bit and add a quote somewhere too.
The Green card I love and wanted to try and make some flowers that were scrunched up so I cut them out on my cricut with the Walk in the Garden cartridge.. How many time have I been tempted to sell this one as I don't use it that often. I do not have any of the spray glimmer mist thingys so used my rub on metallic lustre stuff...! I hope you all know what I mean as I forget the proper names of some stash...! The leaves are beautiful velvety and by prima. The buttons in the middle of my flowers are from my wonderful new friend Maggie on the East coast of the Uk in the market..
The last card is done with lots of new paper and I will have to let you know who they are by as my mind has done a runner for the moment......something "The Hill" or Cherry something.. I think.. by i'm rubbush at this.....;o(
You all know the image is from the new magnolia summer kit and the was coloured with my whispers pens again..
I'm now very late putting our tea on and hubby will be home sooooon.
Hope to see you all tomorrow for another bit of rubbish blogging.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Well here it comes.... are you ready for my little (who am I trying to kid...!)Mess.
If you believe that then you will believe anything..Lol...
I'm only doing this to make myself have a tidy, it's my day off tomorrow..
yeah I know i've just had a long weekend but...It's just the way it goes ;o)
My Way..! I'm the boss and that's just how I like it.. I will never be made redundant again.
If and when I get tidy in there I will post another picture but please, please don't hold your breath...Lol I would like you all to be here to lve another day and be able to keep looking in. You never know one of these days I will get tidy...
I have found half an hour or so to finish this card off too. There are a few others that need finishing too so maybe tomorrow I will...Oh well lets just see eh.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Hi everyone,
Sorry there is nothing new for me to show you.
I have been away for a long weekend and hope to have
something in the next couple of days..
I hope you have been having some crafting time and enjoying yourself..
I have been thinking of shaming myself into having a mass tidy up in my craft room by posting a few photos but you wouldn't want to go there.. it is a mess and I need to do something soon as i'm losing the will to go in there....! It is scary..
I will think about it soo come back and look sometime soooooon.! You best be sat down if you look though...Lol... or have the doctor on stand by..

Lynn xx

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Very Special

Well it's blog time again.. I'm sure I was only here 5 minutes ago.
Hubby has gone to chalet to fix the water heater and is not back until next wednesday ready for his shift next thursday.. I'm going to join him after a very busy day tomorrow until I ave to return next tuesday to do a little job. i'm not taking any craft stuff with me (what am I saying) but am taking a couple of books to read....
I may have to re think that statement and think about it for a while...Lol.!

I've made a very special card today for my grandson who will be 4 two week today..This card will be probably from my son as I like to send a bigger card...
I have the Seasame street cricut cartridge and never used it yet so it could be a card made with something from there from 'grannie Peg'(nick name given to me by my son and hubby due to my bad leg...)
I'm just going to add this picture then I'm going to the fish shop... I'm not cooking just for myself even though I have had a day off today..... I may as well let someone else do the cooking ;o)

I love this image even though he is quite old now..! The paper was sent in an RAK and I have used my whispers pens to colour.
I will be back next wednesday. Have a great weekend everyone..!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm still in christmas mode but nothing finished and I think you lot must be getting a bit fed up with them.. so i'm here just to say "Hello" and add another water fight photo from last week just to remind me that it is still summer after all...
I have also just been on Paper Craft Planet and been chatting to my Senior Citizen friend... If ever we had chance to meet up people around us would think we were 'Barmy'!
Marie you do make me smile and I always look forward to our little chats...I can't wait until I get back from my long weekend away.. ;o)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Birthdays and Christmas all in one day!

Happy Birthday today to my new cyber space OAP friend Marie...
Hope you have had a good day sweetie..!
Now I must get on with my blogging.
Again today i've been doing Christmas and some are good some are not.
I just love the Snowman card other than a bit too much red under his arm that is holding the parcel.. don't you agree Bev if you are having a peek?
i'm happy with my colouring as I feel it is getting heaps better, and if ever you have the chance to have a class or even see Bev Rochester at work it's a must..if you have the chance but don't go you must be crazy..She is the best teacher I have ever had.. a no nonsense type of lady, just like me.... ;o)...Lol!
The penguin sat on the igloo was my fav christmas stamp last year but i'm not so sure about this card. It may be the flowers that are just not right!!
The Sugar Nellie Santa is coloured just right (I think so) but again the embelishments let the card down..
The Diamond Dust is a must for your snowflakes too.. go on "Get some" you will not regret it.. Bev recommended it at the Harrogate show in March.
I best stop rambling and add the pictures.. but first I best tell you that i have used distress inks on all of these cards.. Not a Copic in site...!

Monday, 6 July 2009

I've had a bit of a christmas thing going on for a couple of days, stamping images cutting paper to size etc...
Some of the papers are a couple of years old and I just need the space...Lol... how many of us are in the same situation....!
I promised myself a 2 month shopping ban and a few hours later I spent £5 on some stamps and i've been spending again today and i'm not even going to say what I've spent but I need to use some papers up to make way for the new ;o). I also need room for the brads the buttons(anyone would think I had no buttons!)oh and the....!
I'm not even going to go there. Yep you guessed it.. hubby is at work!

Any how back to my christmas cards, as you can see its got a blue theme going on and I just love the "Diamond Dust" I bought from The Hobby House. You cut out snow flakes with acetate and cover with glue that dries clear and sprinkle it on and you get a wonderful sparkling effect, although I used clear glitter glue and it has given it an even better effect..The blue flowers and snowflakes are also from T.H.H.. Jill has some wonderful things there. So if you live close to Cleethorpes or Grimsby here in the UK drop by and take a look and tell Jill that Lynn has sent you...!
I have coloured with my whispers pens today and also used a touch of Shimmerz paint for a bit more of a christmas feel...
Hope they don't make you feel too cold.. although a bit of cooling off is nice..

Saturday, 4 July 2009

I got to play... It has been far too warm to decorate
anyway, don't you agree.....I knew you would. Lol..!
A woman of my way of thinking!!!
So The pink stripy card I don't like at all, but the strawberry card I do. The only thing wrong with it though is I know I have some strawberry charms..Somewhere ;o) if you know what I mean...I should sort things out.. maybe tomorrow.!!
What do you say??next time I use the strawberry stamp I may just decoupage it to give it some depth..

Friday, 3 July 2009

This is all I have managed to make today....
The papers are from My Minds Eye and I have used my copics to colour...
My charms are always from The Hobby House here in the uk...
Sorry that the photo is not as good as it should be!
Tomorrow it is either decorate the front room or play, so if there is a card or two on here tomorrow at this sort of time 7pm UK time it means I got to play.... If there is nothing, decorating won the day..... and I may get some time to play on sunday...
I was like a 'drowned' rat when I got home today but now the sun is back out to play and is supposed to stay around all weekend.. Yeah!!!

Hope you like the card and hope that you will call by again soooon...!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I have had such a busy day today even though it was my day off...
I was so excited that the postman had delivered me the new summer Magnolia kit and wanted to play... but the phone has not stopped and then the twins (3 year old grandchildren) came to play and my hubby thought it would be fun to play with the garden hose with them... We have not laughed so much for ages (I do every night when I get undressed for bed... Lol). Then the twins found a snail to play with ;o(
Now it's nearly time for bed I get the chance to play a little..
So here is a couple of photos of my day off..
I will get a better chance over the weekend.......

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's now nearly 12 or since I woke up and am tiring fast.I have managed to finish another few of cards. The "Gis a kiss" card is made using card stock that was given to me by a friend of mine and the DP paper was sent to me in an RAK from my wonderful swedish friend Mia as is the dp and images on the other 2 cards. I love the image from the Get Well card it is so so cute and was great to colour too... The RAK from Mia came on a morning that I was going away for the weekend and did not intend to take much in the way of craft stuff (honest>>!) but took the RAK with me and dropped my Lock & Lock storage full of stamps off at my friends and she gave me a bag full of card... so yes I started these cards then. I'm glad I've got around to finishing them though... By don't I ramble on ......!