Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Love these Flowers...

Hi there I just had to have a go at these wonderful flowers that I saw on Tabby Craft Designs blog, She's down there amongst the blogs I follow.. Yeah down there in my side bar..! There is also a link to see some others too.. I will have to go through my tub and re do all the flowers in there now. Thanks Tabby for sharing this with us..
I adore this stamp and could use it all the time but thought you would all get bored and never come and say Hello again..Lol.. So I have to use others too....
The papers again are MME I think... from a stack I bought last year but just love it.. I only ever buy Basic Grey or MME at the best of times so it must be.... You know my memory is rubbish.. Now what was I going to say..... Oh yes I have posted loads of RAKs , birthday cards and friendship pages today the poor postman will get a shock when he collects because it was a tiny village PO that I used and they are not used to so much stuff in one day...
The ribbon is the stuff with wire along each edge and I have had it for a year and only just getting around to using it.. I keep saying I am not going to buy anything else for a while but I'm just too weak and keep giving in..Lol how many times have you said and done the same thing???
Leave some love and tell me the tale and share your excuses...If you dare tell all..
I may not be back tomorrow as I'm going away for a long weekend so if i'm not I will see you all on Monday ish....

Monday, 21 September 2009


Well i'm here a little earlier than normal (I have a spare half hour before working for a couple of hours)... So where would I be.. Lol.. talking to my friends...
I've stayed on the marriage theme and made an anniversary card with an image sent to me in an RAK.... Don't you just love them. I'm still looking for someone with a tent in sweden that lets strange women rent it for a weekend ( although a weekend in sweden would not be long enough).
The cards I have made this weekend have all had my own flowers added as I have spent a fortune in the past on shop bought and have also spent ages making a big tub of flowers made with my bits of scrap paper.... i'm useless as remembering whos papers they are.. My minds eye are the ones that I buy in 12x12 stacks so thats who I think they are by and I do love their stacks..... I need more...!
I may be back later today with something else or i may leave it until my normal tea time spot tomorrow....... Leave me some love pleeeeease..!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Wedding day Blues..!

I've left it to the last minute to make a wedding card for tomorrow, until one of my girls (Staff) asked if I could make her a card too for the wedding we are both going to tomorrow. I'm never too sure about my wedding cards as it is but have managed to make them...... The Blue one from me is made with My Minds Eye papers that came in a stack...the image is from a stamp I bought at Harrogate show a couple of years ago and the lady I got them from has some beautiful Fairy stamps Lativia stamps I think they are or something like that I will find out and let you know properly if anyone wants to know and find a link to her other stamps..
The pink cards is also from the same paper stack. The image was given to me by a friend.. I know some people do not like the idea of us swapping images but by doing this I have bought stamps that I was not sure of in the past...Would you believe that this is how I have become a Magnolia fan...!
It's like they say "Try before you buy".
Well the girls called earler for their wages and we do get given some very strange things in our day to day work...Lol.. and they turned up with 4 very big trays of Danish pastries and mince pies that had been bought from Costco and what the client did not want was passed on to us.... Now my old self would have eaten quite a few...but the girls took what they wanted and I had a nice cup of tea and half a custard danish then jumped into my car and took the rest to my old work team (hubby still works there)... they loved them.. It pays to keep them sweet as i'm running out of mountboard so need to get some and the boys will cut it to size on the guilotine...
Well it is time to start tea.. Hope to be back tomorrow. call agin and leave me some much needed love....

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well here I am again busy doing nothing... Well I'm dressing my 8x8 cards as i do with all my cards first.. The papers are by Basic grey from their Lemonade selection, and as you can see i have been sewing seed beads on them too and ribbon has gone on there too...
I just love the zesty lime green colour. I never know how the cards will end up, I just enjoy the dressing of the card first and then see where that takes me... I'm away to the doctor soon to sort my creaky neck out.. It has been hurting me for long enough now and it is getting very hard to turn my head and look at my "Blind" spot when driving as I am now having to turn my body rather than my head.... My son says he is taking me to the vets if I dont see the doctor..Lol... He is so very sweet and knows just how to phrase things....
I will eventualy show you one ofr two of these cards finished but it could be over the wekend as we will be playing catch up with work tomorrow and I'm at a wedding saturday evening... Let's just wait and see if I can get some finished....Come back and see....
Enjoy your weekend as it is here again...

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Gob Smacked....

Just a quickie,
I have just had the owner of this shop come to my house and asked me to make 50 of my 8x8 cards for her to take back to USA to sell in her shop... She is the sister of my neighbour that has only been buying my cards for the last 4 months or so... How happy am I...

Go take a look at her shop she has some wonderful things in there for christmas, birthdays anniversaries too.... They are so so sweet.

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Under my Nose..!

Hey ladies,
Hope you are all well and still crafting like mad... I'm having a couple of days dressing cards up with dp (yeah, I do everything backwards) as I'm running out of 8x8 crads that are ready for images.
I should photo some at some point. Maybe tomorrow I will.... I dress the cards then i will put an image to the card and know just what colours to use as everything is ready, just embelishments to add after image is done.. You know what I mean.. I just play with bits of paper n doublesided tape and what ever sketch happens happens.. I get to sew beads n stuff too..
the real reason i'm blogging today is that I have wanted my friends dad to make me a unit on wheels that would hold my 12x12 boxes that I keep stamps and dp in.. Then as I have been trying to get my house in order I noticed the unit in our lobby that makes me mad as it is to hold shoes and coats then you can turn it round to hide the shoes and you get a nice 4foot high mirror to see..Well there are too many coats on it so have got rid of some the shoes always end up on the floor as people can't be bothered to put them on the unit..My hubby brings the odd magazine home from work for his friend and puts them on it until he gets time to go visit and I have now pinched it and put it in my room (still no skirting just yet but never mind).
I also bought myself a drop leaf table yesterday and can't make my mind up if to take it to chalet or keep it in my room....!
Well i'm just rabbiting on so I will leave you with the picture and carry on with some more.. Hubby has just come home early from chalet... He says he ran out of food so came home instead of doing shopping as he was coming back tomorrow anyhow..(bang goes my playing in peace)..
See you all later...

Lynn xx

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I'm sad.....

I stayed at home and am so so miserable now..Lol... Anyone would think I had no stash to play with.. I have been in the bath for a nice long soak have moved some of my stash sround and have made a card.I'm trying to keep busy and pretend that i'm not bothered.. I will set off for the chalet soon so that I'm out of the way. I have even looked at how far it would be from the chalet and if it would be easy enough to get to from Harrogate;o( I don't like to go out of my comfort zone and would have to go round York so am keeping well away as they have a Paper Mill shop nr York..
Any how for my card I have used Basic Greys Lemonade, these are the ones that have been with me far too long and if I don't use them now they will be out of fashion and will jst get saved to look at so have taken the plunge over the last few days and prepared some 8x8 cards with them. I showed you one yesterday.....I sat and sewed some lovely pink pearl beads on last night and came across this image this morning sent to me in an RAK. i'm not sure about the flowers and the leaves again but there is room for the word "sister" or" friend" what ever too if I wanted to or even a name if I was to use it for a nieces birthday...
Well I best get something to eat now and get a few things together to take to the chalet.. Book or craft is my next dilemma....Lol.. What to do next.. A book my sunglasses and a small bottle(Mmmm) of wine oh and those grapes that keep calling my name.. Oh by the way it is official I have now lost a stone and a half ;o) I would love some chocolate and some biscuits but I'm feeling lots better and have more energy so I will leave them alone.. Maybe an Ice cream when I walk along the beach later and think of the money I have saved today.. Hubby finishes work at 6pm so should arrive at the chalet at about 7.30pm.. Have fun see you all later for a cyber chat....!
Lynn xx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Decisions Decisions....! Do I or don't I.?

Well I ordered this wonderful High Hopes stamp and some other bits and bobs and it has arrived within 48 hours so i'm well impressed.. Zoe I will be ordering again very very soon...
The cars is made with Basic Greys Lemonade dp and matching bassil card stock.. I think it just needs some more leaves adding made with the bassil card to give it some extra colour..The middle of the flowers are buttons..
I love high hope stamps so i'm glad to have found a UK seller.. i also got the new Cosmo Cricket christmas papers and the new Basic Grey christmas papers too and am looking forward to using them...
Well I'm undecided if i'm going to the great yorkshire paper craft event tomorrow. I'm suposed to be going to our chalet on the east coast for the weekend but also want to go and look for some single copic colours that i would like.. I'm overdrawn at the bank but could use some of the savings but am I that desperate for the copics..Lol.. What to do.. I have nnot sent for my ticket as i have been very busy so will have to pay £5 to get in.. I will also need petorol to get there then to get back and go to chalet.. my brain is puddled ( No change there then)... The last time I did not go my friend came back with loads of bargains, but i'm struggling for space..... Oh Heck..
Come back and see whether I do or do not go... what should i do HELP...! Me....

Thursday, 10 September 2009

1,000 hits over night???

I think my hit counter has a mind of it's own as I seem to have had 1,000 overnight?
I will be back tomorrow with some crafting stuff as i'm totaly shattered today and have made nothing Sorry.... If I can get an hour rest I may make something a little later.

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Award from Marianne

Thanks Marianne I will add everything and pass it on as soon as I know what to do as it was passed to me in Dutch I think.. Have a look on her blog she has some wonderful things on it..
I have had a very busy day at work today so nothing to show other than a couple of photos when I saw my grandchildren a couple of weeks ago... They are so so cute just like "Grannie Peg"....What do you think???

wow I now know what to do so here goes....

7 Questions to be answered and pass it to 7 people..

My work is as a Self employed cleaner or Home Help which I love.

My Hobby has to be to Play with anything Paper then I add a little glue, Ribbon and anything else to do with craft. I started many years ago making my own Frames and messing with MDF.

I'm a messy Crafter. ( A very Messy Crafter)

I live in a 3 bedroomed house with a very small garden.

I worked as a Trainee Quality Manager before made redundant and was my hubbies Boss..

I want to get my business to get very busy so my hubby can retire..

I like to make people smile. I also like to shop for my craft and do the Bingo on Paper Craft Planet..

I'm passing this award onto;
Marie in Canada
Karin in Holland
Bunny Zoe who's blog and shop I have just found and she is going to get fed up of see my orders.... ;o)
Jayne from Paper craft Planet
Debbie from Paper Craft Planet although she has No blog she is a great friend and puts up with me....!
I will pass it to another 2 people when I can think who to pass it onto...

Lynn xx

Monday, 7 September 2009

What a Mixture...

Hello everyone..
I do hope you all had a great weekend.. I'm sorry i'm a little later than normal but i've been to see the accountant.. ;o( What more can be said..
The cards I have made are christmas and or Digital image cards although the christmas mitten is a stampin up stamp... I made one big card and six small ones and may give them to one of my ladies or give them to one of my oldies to sell for the church roof fund as they always have one or some fundraising to do..
the two "eskimos" as I call them kissing is by Mo Manning and the other 2 I have forgotten who they are by I love and am making a set of six to go into a box as a gift set when the box and everything is ready I will make sure I know who they are by.. I think it's because they are so new to me..
Sorry it's short and sweet but hubby has just sent me a text to say he may come home tomorrow... so I best make sure the bed and everything is clear as it is covered in craft stuff and is stripped as I washed the bedding so needs making...
Leave some love and come over again to see what other stuff I can create..

Lynn xx

Friday, 4 September 2009

It's Not a Box...!

Short and sweet today as it's nearly time for work.... I know I normaly blog at tea time but I think we are away today until monday....
I saw a Recipe file on Jacqueline's blog yesterday and it gave me an idea ( I have seen many of theses files before but nothing sprang to mind)...
I wanted something nice to keep my Sugar Nellie stamps in, so whilst watching a couple of soaps last night I came up with this... Oh and I now need a Score Pal to make my next one even better.
The orange card is just basic card stock, the DP is by Basic Grey, the mega eyelet came
with my Big Bite. behind this to fasten the file is a disc of velcro...
Have a great weekend.
Leave some love and come back soon.....

Lynn xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My first Digi Card

I have seen this image by CC Designs around for ages and thought I would give this Digi image thing a go.. although you can buy the stamps from here

I have tried with many different mediums but have found copics the best, however a friend of mine uses distress inks on her digital downloads.. It may depend on the quality of the ink you have in your printer (mine is the cheepest there is... Times are getting hard..!)...
The best thing about these images is that you can size them to what ever card you are doing, this is a 4x4 card. I'm hoping to sell lots of this size (not this image) as I want to buy a wheelchair for my business as we have just borrowed one from age concern and it is as old as adam and my poor client must have felt every bump in the road....
I have added some flower soft to the wheel barrow and some very fine glitter to her wings although I wish I had not done her wings..
Well it has been my day off today but I have, taken one of my ladies out shopping and then just as I got back I got a call to go have a look at another job so went back out. Whilst I was in the area I called in for a cuppa with my aunt that I have not seen for about 6 weeks ( I used to go weekly but am just getting very busy). So this is the only card today due to having to find a medium that would work for me..and now it is time to start our tea... I promise Not to Burn it again today.. I wish I had a pound for every time I burnt it as I would never have to work again Lol.... Is it just me or do you other crafters get carried away and burn tea or lunch???
The paper I used today was printed from a disc probably 18 months ago! the pink card is just basil card stock the ribbon from my stash...
Leave some love and come back and see me again some time sooooon...

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My Best present Ever..!

Oh My Word.. Look at what I have...!
This was given to me by Jayne.
The first person I have spoken to from Paper Craft Planet. She is always there for my silly questions when I'm stuck on how to do things on the computer.

I need to tell you 5 things that I love to do as part of the deal on recieving this award, as do you if I pass it onto you....!

1, I love to see my hubby every day and have a catch up about his day at work ( I used to be his Boss, he says I still am)....

2, I would love to see my family everyday although it is hard sometimes as we all have our own things to do, but do manage it every other day..

3, I love to craft.. If i'm not doing it i'm planning what to do next.. I sometimes wake up during the night with an Idea ( I know i'm sad) my friend even bougt me a dicta phone to talk to in the night!!!!

4, I just lourve to shop for my crafty stash......

5, I absolutely love my job so love to get out there. I'm self employed and enjoy meeting my "Oldies" for a chat or to take them where they need to be..

Now I need to pass this on to 10 people.... ( I bet i don't even have 10 friends to pass it onto).
So here goes..

1,First and formost It has to be Marie
Marie is the friend from PCP who lives in Canada, that I chat to more than I chat to my own sister who lives around the corner. Although she is going to become very very busy now so will only get to chat now and again.... Miss you Marie ;o(

2, Jacqueline is the wonderful lady that sent me an email asking if I thought her cards were good enough to put her pictures on the PCP groups... Ruffus is still in my emails... Just look at her now

3,Bev the best teacher out there for colouring with distress Inks.

4, Liz the winner of my first Blog Candy and a regular player in the Bingo game I run on PCP..
She does not have a blog but she is still a friend in my Cyber world.. and very patient with me.. I hope she has an eye out for the postman.. ;o)

5, Wynneth is a great lady and she makes the most amazing flowers and shares them with everyone.. She leaves the most amazing comments too..I know Jayne has given Wynneth this award too..

6, Jona gave an opertunity to do some wonderful swaps a few weeks ago and everyone loves her for it... I do not know why but I cant get her blog link to work...

7, Ursula from PCP like a game of Bingo too... She has No Blog but deserves an award...

8, Wanda is also from Paper Craft Planet and likes Bingo and has no blog..

9, Cheryl is a lady I met also on PCP and loves buttons.. It is by watching her with the buttons that I got the Idea to use beads.. I can't get to her blog link either..

10, I have lots of other people I could give the award to but the 2 most special people in my life are the ones that have to put up with me most days and look after me on my most down and ill days... My Son and my Hubby... Hope this is allowed...
After this very long acceptance speech I must go and see to our "burnt" again tea ;o)
I hope to have some craft tomorrow.
Thanks Jayne

Lynn xx