Sunday, 19 July 2009

Well it's just a little blog today (she says..).
As you know (that's if there is anyone out there..!)I hate to tidy
my craft room as I just don't have the time or inclination to do so..
I always say I know where everything is when it's a mess (other than, my half a dozen or so Poky tools that i've had to buy and the odd packet of brads.. you get what i'm saying.. Lol..!)
Well i'm smiling very broadly now as;

A. I have found that I do have a carpet, although it is or was peppered with squashed brads, gems, tiny flowers etc.

B.My desk is clear ( should I say it's getting there.)so I am now richer to the tune of 35p. Don't even ask.....!

C. There is a place for everything and everything is nearly in it's place ;o)

D I have found the one thing lost for some time now and I'm over the moon
I have found the cutest rubber stamp that has never been used and it has driven me to despair that I knew I had it but was nowhere to be found...

But i'm not going to tell you who she is... You will just have to come back tomorrow to see.......!

I'm gong back now to see what other treasures there are hidden in what I call my craft room.. This cleaning lark can be so much fun... Not...

See you tomorrow, well I would love to SEE you but it's just a thing that sits on my knee and it talks to me sometimes ;o)

Lynn xx