Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Coices, choices... !

I was very excited yesterday as I had 2 cards in my door which meant 2 parcels to collect although one is too far away and will be redelivered on Thursday now.
I have been to collect one today and was even more excited as it contained my new magnolias and some more Tim Holtz grungepaper and more of his goodies which means the parcel on Thursday will contain a set of his inks that I got on ebay... Bargain...!

I have had a chance to play with my stamps and have made a card that is on the magnolia group on PCP (i'm not sure about it but it is made now and the wedding card that I have started here but not sure which flowers to use...
I don't think I want an over loaded card just a minimalistic one. I may lok at it again after tea or tomorrow. Which flowers would you use???
I am looking forward to doing more on the project I started to email to magnolia hoping it will get into one of their mags... You will just have to wait and see but it is Big.... My son saw it today and could not believe what he had seen and thought it was beautiful but I think he his bias.... Lol

well I best make tea..

Lynn xx