Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Craft Room

Hi ladies first and foremost have you been over to Bevs blog and seen here new Candy from Whiff of Joy with some added delish flowers and punch etc ?????

My Craft room should be finished (still no skirting, it will get done when it gets decorated again!)
this weekend. it is not what I wanted but things are getting a bit tight just now and would rather spend my money on stash ;o) but i'm happy with it.
I hope to post a picture next week.
We still have no baby yet but we know for sure it will arrive in the next 2 weeks... I know I keep telling you this but i'm just so excited as this grandchild will be on my doorstep as my youngest son only lives around the corner.....
My hubby has already said he will be the 4 day a week baby sitter due to his shifts but he will only do it as long as the baby is a Leeds United supporter...Lol,, Typical man! My son supports Manchester United so he says they can share....Leeds Shorts and a Man united top..!
I say as long as it wears a Leeds Rhinos kit too, my son is an avid castleford Tigers fan, my hubby is a Bradford Bulls Fan... Oh boy is it fun in our house!!!!!
For all you out there that are wondering what I'm talking about it's our local Rugby League teams... Sorry!
I love rugby but not a football fan however I do follow Liverpool just to be awkward...!

Don't forget to check bevs candy, and I hope to return tomorrow with some card or other to show....

Lynn xx