Monday, 26 October 2009

Have any of you seen these?

I was on my last few pounds at the show and thought I'm looking for something new...(I just did not want to take the money home as it would be against all my rules!!).
Then I came across these little stamp kits, although they come in bigger sizes. I can't wait to get using these and will order more too..
There is a little wooden stamp holder and under it there are a few ridges, these hold the rubber in place. The small set I have includes 10 various quotes and 10 different borders too. The other set has an alphabet with 3 different surrounds for any single letter to fit in the middle.
i hope the photos show you better than I have explained. the wooden stamp holder and stamps I chose are the smallest and they get a lot bigger to fit jam jar tops etc...
I saw a wedding theme, a baby, a kitchen and a few others..
Jayne keep your eyes peeled they are from the people who sell the Wizzard and nessties... I'm not sure of the name and will ask my friend who they were as she knows them all..

Lynn xx