Sunday, 9 August 2009

The story so far..

I just love to decorate boxes and make albums to put inside (I even bought a pair of cups and saucers yesterday just for the box, the cups are that small they may as well go outside a dolls house with a plant in...!)
The box I'm showing you today was a plain brown box with an accordian style album inside it ready to decorate.. If I buygift boxed (you know the boxes I mean.. you could stand on them they are that sturdy) aftershave or perfume for people as presents they are given with the demand that they do Not ever throw the box away it must come
back to me.....! (What am I like?).

This one I was just going to use for my sons wedding photos but then decided it was to be used for my best photos...(I didn't take a picture of the page when my grandson had an ear infection, I must add it just to warn you how bad a childs ear infection can get so be warned..!!).
The other photo I must mention is of my hubby and my youngest son at my nieces wedding, It is the best photo ever of these 2 together even though we were on our way out through the middle of the dance floor believe it or not.. Oh and the one of my youngest son as Best Man, The Bride and Groom too, I best not forget that there is one of me and my grandson too.... Oh here have a look for yourselves... I need to add embelishments and text...