Friday, 8 January 2010

And here's some more...

Well the snow is still falling (blowing a blizzard just now) and my hubby is on his way home...!
His tea is not burn for a change...Lol..
A couple of cards to show you and a few snowy ones...
Unless this snow goes away I will be home crafting but best not spend until i'm back earning some money.. I'm missing all the sales too..;o( not just for craft.. I wanted new pllows for the chalet etc..
Please take a minute out of your day to think of all the homeless people out there...!

I've had one of my staffs young lads round today as he wanted to make a birthday card for my nephew who is 12 tomorrow and his best friend. He can't get into the town so came to see me for an hour to play with all my stash. He knew I made cards as his "Nanna" does too and he loves to make some with her. He did not realise just how much stuff I had... and enjoyed himself immensely..
I also enjoyed his company. His mum should be proud of such a young polite son she has..
Hubby has just arrived home now so I best put tea out. I hope to be back again tomorrow..

Lynn xx