Monday, 31 August 2009

It's a Man Thing..!

I have gone mad on making man stuff today as a way of thinking of my poor hubby who went back today after about 5 weeks off work (it started with 2 weeks holiday)..
I was also thinking of my sons girlfrind who lost her granddad over the weekend.... So here's to all the wonderful men out there who nearly always get forgotten by us crafty card makers.. Oh yes and the girl card(I had to) she was just looking at me so I could not turn my back on here now could I....

All the cleaning that I was going to do today went out of the window too..Lol.. My bedroom is nearly finished and I have made head way with my craft stuff in between being creative(if that's what I call it)....

I need more boxes to do, so I have decided to make another Pizza box (like the brown one) a little bit bigger and i'm going to make boxes of cards as gifts for people at christmas...only small ones mind..!
Well hubby will be home for tea soon so I best show you the cards (all 3 of them)...
Papers and images are all from RAKs sent to be by the wonderful crafters on PCP (paper craft planet).....

Saturday, 29 August 2009

A surprise in the box...

Hi ladies,
I'm back to doing the things I love the most.. Lol... making a mess and driving my hubby up the wall.. with bits of cut out paper trailing around me...
I can get into my room at last.... It feels as if it has been forever...
The bed/craftroom is plastered and painted all there is to do now is put some skirting on, I hope to get this done in the next few weeks as I want to get shelves etc and sort my stash.. I'm just using scraps and basic stuff just now as I have no idear where anything is or I just can't get to it..
I have made a couple of cards but I will save them for a rainy day or when I have lost my "Mojo" which is not very often but it does happen..
I had a wonderful day with my grandchildren yesterday although my grandaughter was a bit on the shy side....I will also add a couple of photos of them.. They may even be the photos that I add to this little book and give it to my daughter in law Gail who gave me my most treasured possetion.. a photo album full of pictures...
The papers used for the box and album are from CraftWork Cards based over in Leeds.. They have some yummy christmas papers coming out this year.
Leave me some love as it is well accepted. ;o)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms

Well I'm getting so tetchy and need to get crafting. I'm behind with some RAKs and this months will be due to go out soon too. If you are one of the ladies from PCP reading this and are due an RAK I am so so sorry that it will be late.
As you know my bedroom/craftroom is in the middle of being decorated etc but my hubby is so ill at the moment i'm not rushing him to do much. The doctor has said he has had the Swine Flu but it can take up to 6 weeks to clear properly. When the doctor did his blood preasure he said it is exactly the same as the last time he had it done... in 1992..! Yeah he hates to go see the doc.
I have tomorrow off work so I may get to paint a couple of walls. i will not be able to put new skirting on but that can wait. Over the weekend I may be able to move my grandbaby's new pram and the car seat and the nappy wrapper, my excersize machine etc and get to my stash and do a little bit although I don't know if I will get to what I want as it is all stacked up!
My will be getting bitten to the wick if something doesn't get sorted sooooon......!
Here have a look...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

What's in the Box....!

Now you may be wondering what I have been up to...
It has to be another box as I have far too many cards.. This box however is very very special as it is to introduce everyone to my first grandaughter whom I will be going to see on Friday. They live so far away and we are all busy people so I only get to see them once every so often. When Courtney gets older I may let her have the box but for now it is my pride and joy and I can look at it whenever I want to..
Black may seem an odd colour but with pink it stands out very well and I Love it...! I keep adding embelishments if and when I come across one that is nice enough as nothing but the best will do.
I hope you like the box as much as I enjoy looking at it.
When I meet with them next week I hope to be getting more up to date photos. I now also need to find another nice box and do a blue Thomas the tank Engine one with photos of Cian my Welsh grandson who is Courtneys older brother.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Courtney...
She will be the grand old age of 2 ;o)
Oh and then I best get another box for who ever it may be that will arrive in November. We do not know if it is to be a boy or girl as mum and dad want a surprise...
Georges (my Hubby) son and his girlfriend had a baby girl last Thursday "Lottie" (Charlotte Matilda).
I need to get even more boxes..... As the grandchildren are now coming thick n fast I think these boxes could be nice for christmas presents... What do you think?
Please leave me some love and let me know.
It will be early next week when I leave anything here as i'm away for the weekend.

Blog Candy Winner...

I asked my hubby for a number between 1 and 9 he picked 5 so the winner of my Candy is Liz.
Liz I need you to email me at with your name address etc and I will post your small but nice RAK type Candy. Please bear with me as I'm away again for the weekend and will be back on sunday. I hope if I can get to it ( room is just plastered ready to decorate but hubby not well) that your candy will be on its way Monday..
Thanks for stopping by with the love and don't forget to call again as you never know when I will give out more..
If I have not heard from you by 24th August I will pick a different winner..

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Hi Ladies,
I'm just back from my wonderful week (just short of) away.. I'm going back though in 48 hours with my old(best not let her see this bit) school friend as she is arriving from cambridge on friday.
My bedroom has been plastered.. YEAH.. I now need about a month to get it painted and back in use as a craftroom.. Hubby has said not to put a bed back in there, but I will have to think about that..
I hope to post a little something later tomorrow and to name the winner of my candy...

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Bevs Candy

On my side bar..(I have done the photo and the link myself..!) Tou will see Bev's Candy.
Don't just look you must be in it to win it.....There is also another bit of candy to go with it too so you have to look to see and they are cute too...
Lynn xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

The story so far..

I just love to decorate boxes and make albums to put inside (I even bought a pair of cups and saucers yesterday just for the box, the cups are that small they may as well go outside a dolls house with a plant in...!)
The box I'm showing you today was a plain brown box with an accordian style album inside it ready to decorate.. If I buygift boxed (you know the boxes I mean.. you could stand on them they are that sturdy) aftershave or perfume for people as presents they are given with the demand that they do Not ever throw the box away it must come
back to me.....! (What am I like?).

This one I was just going to use for my sons wedding photos but then decided it was to be used for my best photos...(I didn't take a picture of the page when my grandson had an ear infection, I must add it just to warn you how bad a childs ear infection can get so be warned..!!).
The other photo I must mention is of my hubby and my youngest son at my nieces wedding, It is the best photo ever of these 2 together even though we were on our way out through the middle of the dance floor believe it or not.. Oh and the one of my youngest son as Best Man, The Bride and Groom too, I best not forget that there is one of me and my grandson too.... Oh here have a look for yourselves... I need to add embelishments and text...

Friday, 7 August 2009

Blog Candy Surprise..

I still have no idea what i'm doing... I want to give a small RAK type Candy just because i'm nearing my first 1,000 hits.. I will send to who ever where ever.. There is no picture as it is a surprise..
I just need you to leave me a message (so that I can click on your name to find you), no link needed however you can do a link and tell everyone if you want to spread the word...
My niece will read and pick the winner.. I'm not even giving you a date, it will be done as soon as I'm up to 1,000 or just after if it happens whilst i'm away between the 12th-17th August.
Today i'm doing a table top sale at a football 5 a side tournament my son has arranged..
I hope to be back later with something nice that I have made... Have great weekend...

Lynn xx

Even Better...

After showing my friends the notebook I posted yesterday they have asked me to make them some for christmas stocking fillers..
I had started some more last night.. Yeah I was sat on my bed...Lol.. I know that there is always plenty of room on my bed...!
I added some beads ( I do love working with them) I also wake up with them stuck to me though at times....
I also need to make some for boys..
Does anyone know the best glue to use on the spines of books etc.. I have heard of Hodge Podge glue but never seen any..
Have you notice the Link to Pink Gems to win the candy.. Well my son has just called and had a moan (he must take after me) and after asking him to read an email sent to me by Marie my new best friend from PCP (Paper Craft Planet) to tell me how it is done, he read it and took over so it is a very basic post with a link that you must take a peek at as the stamps from there are fantastic. The snowman card I made last week, the stamp is from there.
Well I best add the photos...
Please leave some love and tell me what you think....

Pink Gem Candy

To win Pink Gem's lovely candy follow the link and follow the instructions from the Pink Gem site.

Pink Gem Designs Stamps

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Fit as a Fiddle....

Thanks for coming back... I didn't think I would have time to do this before work but as I have here it is...
I was playing in bed last night (keep it clean Please)and made a note book. There is a stall on our local market selling plain notebooks with no cover on them and as they are very cheap (they are closing down)I got £5 worth and am going to have a look later to see if they have any left. I love a bargain...
The little cards I made a few days ago but the photos I took were not very good.
Some of the images are from Katharina a wonderful lady on PCP..Thanks Katharina..
I will be selling the notebooks at a car boot in a couple of weeks time.
Hope you like everything and leave me some much needed Love...!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I'll be back!

Sorry laddies about not being around for a few days.
I'm suffering with a migraine at the moment and have lost my Mojo.
I always bounce back so please call back and have another Peek soooon.
Try on Friday I should have left something sweet.. I'm thinking of giving a little candy soon too as I am creeping up to my very first 1,000 hits..

Lynn xx

Saturday, 1 August 2009

It's Christmas...

Well It is a christmas card again for me today... You can blame Tabby (I follow her blog daily) and she had a card made with a cute snowman stamp from Pink Gem (here in the UK) last week and I had had my eye on these for a while... even down to putting them in my basket then at the last moment thought.. "No you are on a spending ban"...Lol.. as most of you know that lasted all of 2-3 hours ;o)
Well after seeing her card I just could not stop myself... My fingers have a mind of their own and if the laptop is on my knee well...! I have tried smacking my hand and even just sitting on them but it never works and I don't get much done that way...!
That's enough of my 'Rabbiting' for today...

My card.. I love the colour combo and the image.. Oh and the large snowflake I bought last year but never got around to using them.. A card is not a card any more unless I have added some sort of beading....or charm..
The thing I never seem to be satisfied with is the colour effect of the snow.. I think I just do a little too much..! Never mind I will try again..

Leave me some love and let me know what you think of it...

Lynn xx