Saturday, 30 January 2010

All Change..

Due to bad weather where my dad is the train drop off has changed so I will have to wait a couple of weeks and go into Brid when I go over to chalet.. I can go to his house now too as I have an address not just a phone number....
We have sun shine so we are still going to York and will go to the Paper Mill Shop and stock up with card...
I have tried to keep my blog candy at the top and will find out if it has worked when I add this. Some how I don't know if it has, I may have miss understood the directions from Nicky.. I keep telling you all how daft I am...Lol..
Just a few cards to show again before my son turns up to go out.. As you can see I love Edwin Fishing... great for "Man" cards...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Moved Out..

I had made my mind up about moving my bed out of my craft room at long last..Lol..
So on friday night the move started and I slept in my old single craft room and made way to put my desks, shelves and stash in place. It is not tidy yet by a long way but I hope by next weekend it will be done.. How long have I been sorting this out...!
Well I have a desk that is clear so i'm slowly finishing some cards off and boxing them up and in the process it is clearing the other desk that I will use just to do my stamping on.
The small cards are just smaller than a 4x4 and fit in lovely metallic box cubes that you can buy from any card shop or gift shop for about 69p. I am filling these to give to family and friend one for their birthday that will be full of Christmas cards and one for Christmas that will be full of general cards. I started this at Christmas and gave them a nice pen and refills too as you can see in the silver boxed present.....
I'm still using scraps up too....
I best show you some photos.. Hope you like them...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Freash New start...

I'm trying to keep up with things on my blog again after a short spell with far too much to do...
So yes it has been a few day but I hope to be here at least once / twice a week if not more..
The snow has now gone although they say we could have a little more this week and the forecast for February is not good either. It's nearly time to re open the chalet too and have promised myself not to take too much craft stuff with me as it takes longer to load and unload the car some weekends. Maybe if I can get there for a week..Lol.
I have been out and signed up another 10 hours a week of work for me and the girls.. so things are going to get even busier for us this year..

My craft stash is getting bigger too and have just received a My Minds Eye pad of about 180 sheets of 12x12 papers, I am eager to open it up and start to use it... I think I am going to have to be ruthless and get rid of some of my scraps as i'm still trying to use them up and getting nowhere fast ;o(
My friends son likes to craft so he may get a box full soon....
Well I best stop waffling and show a few card... Come back soon and leave some love to show you were here..
I may have to do some candy again soon too.. Just because...!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fed Up..!

Well I'm still house bound as we have black ice all around us again and just now it has started to snow again...!
I've been finishing a few cards and am making yet another winter warming stew... I dream of salad with nice ripe vine tomatoes....and some fruit and Ice-cream...Lol...
I hope you can see that i'm using all the goodies up from the wonderful RAKs you have all been sending... It's nice to use something different..
I will be back tomorrow as looks bad here for the rest of the week.. My girls went out to do a couple of jobs and ended up coming home (I was so glad as I did not want them to go in the first place, they are only young and getting to realise I'm right in what i'm saying to them) as they were skidding. One of the other team fell on her bum so was not pleased, she did not hurt herself only her pride...!
Take care out there...!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Wii Fit! Fit to drop.....!

Well I have done it.. I bought a Wii and "Your Shape" was with it along with Resort sport....
Resport sport i'm loving... I have just tried YS... I'm now fit to drop..I've never had so much fun.. It looks like my card making will not come to an end but I will slow down.. I was making far too many and not selling unless I could find a Fayre to sell at.
I managed to work out at 13% out of 14% worked off 75 cals and will be back for more on wednesday. If you had seen me yesterday suffering from how much I did on saturday you would know why I'm having a day off. If i do every other day for a month and work my way up I will be happy. Want to know how i'm doing on a daily basis and have a laugh look on facebook...!
I best put a card picture on here too.. The Magnolia image I love and thanks to a friend I have this mini version too. The Mo Manning image is another I love and had to have the stamp.. The card however needs something else to finish it off, maybe a nice wide ribbon..
Leave some love...

Friday, 8 January 2010

And here's some more...

Well the snow is still falling (blowing a blizzard just now) and my hubby is on his way home...!
His tea is not burn for a change...Lol..
A couple of cards to show you and a few snowy ones...
Unless this snow goes away I will be home crafting but best not spend until i'm back earning some money.. I'm missing all the sales too..;o( not just for craft.. I wanted new pllows for the chalet etc..
Please take a minute out of your day to think of all the homeless people out there...!

I've had one of my staffs young lads round today as he wanted to make a birthday card for my nephew who is 12 tomorrow and his best friend. He can't get into the town so came to see me for an hour to play with all my stash. He knew I made cards as his "Nanna" does too and he loves to make some with her. He did not realise just how much stuff I had... and enjoyed himself immensely..
I also enjoyed his company. His mum should be proud of such a young polite son she has..
Hubby has just arrived home now so I best put tea out. I hope to be back again tomorrow..

Lynn xx

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Getting Ahead....!

Well it's nearly a month since I was last here...Where has the time gone as it feels as though it was only yesterday....
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas... We did although they are getting quieter every year, as the boys have grown up and flown the nest and both have families of their own..

I have only worked 1 day in the last 3 weeks due to the weather and a bit of a chest infection.. So what should a girl do with all that time on her hands.... Craft craft and more craft..
Here are a couple of card that are ready for christmas 2010 and a photo taken Christmas 2009 of my sons little helper... I can't wait until she is my little craft buddy..Lol...

I hope some of you will recognise papers, images and embellishment you have sent in RAKs. I will carry on with christmas cards until I have used all the old dps I have from over the last few years that I have stashed. This weekend i hope to show a little box that I have finished of cards that I will be giving out as Birthday and Christmas presents. I will also be making lots of Christmas tags too for friends and family..
Have fun in whatever you are making and I will be back soon.

Lynn xx