Sunday, 26 July 2009

Finishing off...

I'm getting a bit bored of all this tidying..... I need to craft....
Now you know i'm telling "Porky Pies".. Lol... I have been sorting and throwing bits of itsy bitsy scraps of paper that I just think that I could punch the tiniest flower we do.. even card that has been the backing of that wonderful new gadget that you have just bought (well about 3 years ago in my case!)

I have put the finishing touches onto these 2 cards today and have put verses inside huggings of cards and put them into pollybags now and boxed them in the boxes i got from Ikea yesterday... I have also had a bit of a brainwave (what do you mean Oh No not again).. The shoe storage things that you can buy with velcro fastenings that hang inside your wardrobe to hold about 10 pairs and you can buy the boxes (as I did yesterday) too to fit.... well my 4x4 cards fit in there nice and snug so that is what I intend to buy next week...I was going to just put bits and bobs in the boxes as they are long and thought that the long sizzix die cut borders would live in them....
I should rewrite that but I'm sure you can work it all out....! You know i'm a bit too busy just now..

Here are the cards... I need a cup of tea... See you all tomorrow.

Lynn xx

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  1. Cute, cute cards, Lynn...hope all is well over your way...big hugs for you...Jacque