Thursday, 10 December 2009

Birthday Book

I'm back... sorry it's been a long time but we have changed servers and this one is rubbish and it is a 2 year contract... I bet I complain...!

Well its 2 weeks till christmas and the cards are all done and posted.I have about a dozen ready for next year and am still making them. If I carry on until the end of this year I may have at least half of what I will need next year...! Hows that for been organised..

I'm making Birthday Books as christmas presents too so that I just need to nip out and buy some nice pens to go with them alng with a few home made cards too..Lol..!

I have been using up my scraps of dp on the front/back covers..
There are plain pages after the picture and calendar month so that in november they can mark off number 30 and on the blank page add 30 = Lynn etc..

Hope you like them...
There is a photo of my 2 year old granddaughter too that came up from south wales to see the new baby... This is the same granddaughter on my PCP photo too!

I hope to be back tomorrow with more chat....!

Lynn xx