Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What do we do best when we can't sleep... Yeah you got it...!
I was wide awake at 4.30am this morning so had a cup of tea with my man before he left for work and then went up to play...1
I had put the orange and basic grey back ground papers on weeks ago and was undecided how to finish it off, I must have had a bit of a foggy brain as I managed to finish it off..
My old work friend from when I had a proper job leaves on friday so I bought her an address book and a pen and have made half a dozen cards to go in a little bag that was sent to me in an RAK from PCP... The small leaving/ birthday card I have made reminds me of the good old days when we worked together and put the work place to rights... Lol.. We had loads of fun and nearly 6 years down the line I still miss the place so baddly (I got made redundant)..
Well I best get ready for work although I could do with an hour in bed now...!
I only have a short day today so may post again later today.

CD Holder

Sorry I've not been around for a couple of day but I've been a little bit busy, although I have made another CD holder...to hold the discs of my new grandchild that is due in november
This may even turn into a Birthday book as my small 4x4 Cards will fit inside. It has so many different uses. I already have a few in use for discs so to use it for something different would be great..
The inside pages are just made from an A4 piece of card stock laid horizontally then
scored at the depth of your choice (mine about a third of the way down then is folded turned to portrait and folded in half.
What ever your dimensions add a couple of mm all way around and this will be your cover size. I used mount board for my cover as it is thicker than cardboard.
I'm sorry about measurement as I never measure anything but do it by eye. I'm lucky that my hubby still works at the printers where I was his boss and he gets me stuff like mount board cut if and when I need it, again with out measurements ( Jimmy bless him is a god send and has just become a dad for the first time) I just sent a piece of the card folded and said I need it cut to that size with a couple of mm extra. I ended up last time with a box full of this same size mount board so just do different books & albums. Well I think this is enough gobbldy gook from me today. Just have fun and play all day...!