Monday, 16 November 2009

Complete Madness..!

Yeah, I love Madness... Baggy Trousers is the best I think and brings back so many memories.. I have known my son be out on a weekend and has phoned me from the pub just because it is on the Jukebox.... Lol, hows that for madness..
however i'm talking about my day out to do a class with Bev... Well she is just so funny.
To start off with I had the route planned in my head and my mate brought her Tomtom with her and before we knew it it was taking us back home..! So we turned back around and found our way there it's as easy as pie..! could do it blindfolded now... haha.
Wen we arrived we went straight into the shop, as you do. Five minutes later we had to leave our baskets with Jill and was told to "get to the class".
There we met a new friend called Annette or Anita (sorry, my brain is not working still), although it turned out that she was stalking Bev and my mate Cath was stalking this other lady "Net"....
You know who you are..... You can kick my butt the next time we meet... ;o)

The card we made was lovely as you can see. Cath yours is beautiful too....!
I have not taken a great photo of it as I have missed the best of the light due to my son calling last night and introducing me to "Scrabble" on facebook. I don't like facebook but love scrabble....

So here is my card and I promise to take photos first and then play scrabble...!

Lynn xx