Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I have been asked to show what I bought over the weekend at the show other than the post that I added yesterday here is what I bought...
The stamp storage was £2.85 so I bought 10 and there is still not enough for all my stamps, I think I have one more box to empty. I need to fine my laminator so that I can put them in so that I can see on the outside what is in each carton. I bought lots of double sided tape as I use loads of it. I had noticed I had run out of the Pink Sherbert Ariondac paint dauber the day before so replaced it.
Of course I bought a Magnolia stamp, although the 3 I wanted were not there.
I just love the Oldies stamps so bought 2 and I may have the other later next month Thanks to Jayne from Paper craft Planet...who may get it for me from the NEC.
I bought some inks too but don't seem to be able to find them... They could be in the darkest corner of my car boot..Lol.
I also bought a Stamps by Judith stubbie stamp of a tea cup.. Brads from The Hobby house where the storage cartons came from and 3 lots of Kling on or Eze mount as it was the cheapest I have seen it for a while.
We got lost on the way home too so instead of half an hour it took us just over an hour to get home but hey we got there in the end..... I forgot I also had to buy a new water brush as mine has one a bit "Frizzy" with the amount of times I used it......

Lynn xx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Have any of you seen these?

I was on my last few pounds at the show and thought I'm looking for something new...(I just did not want to take the money home as it would be against all my rules!!).
Then I came across these little stamp kits, although they come in bigger sizes. I can't wait to get using these and will order more too..
There is a little wooden stamp holder and under it there are a few ridges, these hold the rubber in place. The small set I have includes 10 various quotes and 10 different borders too. The other set has an alphabet with 3 different surrounds for any single letter to fit in the middle.
i hope the photos show you better than I have explained. the wooden stamp holder and stamps I chose are the smallest and they get a lot bigger to fit jam jar tops etc...
I saw a wedding theme, a baby, a kitchen and a few others..
Jayne keep your eyes peeled they are from the people who sell the Wizzard and nessties... I'm not sure of the name and will ask my friend who they were as she knows them all..

Lynn xx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Look what I found...!

OOOOh look What I found in a bag of mount board off cuts..
What are they you may ask, but my brain went on overdrive for a while..
They are the middle of the mount that are used for framing pictures and I was lucky to find 2 in a few bags that I got from a shop and all you have to give is a small donation (I can get them free in a different shop but have not been here for ages but still bought raffle tickets from them) I gave her £5 and she said it was far too much so she told me to take all 3 bags....How lucky am I..! Little things please tiny minds as they say... Lol how true is that...
Any how I have started this picture for my bedroom wall and am going to put the words
"My family" at the top. i'm not sure how to finish around the edges... I thought of punching some holes and do some "Over" stitching and adding some beads or putting some flowers in places....I need to find my Magnolia cat to put on top of the pile of books too..
Leave me some love and suggestions please.....
Hope you like it.... I Love it... My niece wants it.... So I need to do the other one....!

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Look at this flower...

This is the link you will need to create the wonderful flower I have found, this is my first attempt.. http://7kidscollegefund.typepad.com/7kidscollegefund/2009/03/claudia-rosa-design-team-member-tutorial-handmade-flower-embellishment.html
I was looking on the Sugar Nellie site as I do most days and I found these fantastic flowers via Marlene's blog that I always have a peek at.
This is my first attempt but will keep making these to add to my boxes and things...

I have also had to make a sympathy card for a neighbour that died last week. She is one of the reasons that my business is still going, as I told her one day that I was skint (I buy too much craft stuff) and was thinking of getting another Auditing job as things were going slow.. June like myself was a carer although she did about 20 years more than me and she told me I must keep going and to just carry on. sadly she died last monday of bowel cancer and I could not make it to the funeral yesterday as we (my other 4 girls and myself) are just snowed under with work this week... I just know she would understand and would loved to have helped out if she could have.
My son went as he went to school with her son and daughter and he said the church was packed.
You will be missed June.. XXX

So this plain White and silver card lead me on to make some not so fancy cards that I can make and sell to help me to buy the wheelchair I need for the business. I hope you like them and will let me know as I think they need just a little something else. I will add just a few for you.
Lynn xx

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Awful picture.. nice card though!

I will try again.... blog published before I said anything..!
What an awful photo... The best of the daylight has gone already ;o(
I need to get started a lot earlier now that the season is changing... I think we change our clocks next week or just after.... I hate this time of year! I do however love the change of colour on the trees though...
I have the news on just now and am so so sad at the funeral of Stephen Gately.. When other people are upset I am also almost in tears... RIP peace lad...!
The card I have made I love as the image is great for a young child.. The colours have an autumn feel too.
I can see it is time for me to make some cards using my scraps too so as I watch x factor tonight anything could happen with the choice of papers.
I could do with some note lets to send with my RAKs...Lol so you could receive anything ladies..
Tea is nearly ready so i must go give it a stir (a casserole) before it burns.. again...
Oh by the way I have just seen a sneek of some new Magnolias that are on pre Order at
Sir stampalot oooooh what a trea,t my bank man is not so happy..!
I have just been asked about the Onion comment left by Tabby on my last posting...

Jaqueline ... tab wanted to know the best way to get rid of the smell of Onion from your hands and I told her to try raw potato....

Leave me some love .... I will need it when I go see my bank man next week... ;0)

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What's in this box ?

Hi there,
You all know I like to play in bed (keep it clean, remember... I'm passed all that..!) whilst watching TV... Well it took me 10 minutes to make this box... I don't measure anything although use my score board as a guide.. (I do really do need a score pal) to get a more snug fit.. for the little Post it pad inside it. I also cut the front tabs off as I was going to make it a different way.
Why does it say Thank You my friend will say when I give her it. Well I will reply I didn't have one that says "Daft as a Brush". when we were working yesterday we laughed non stop all day the oldies just loved it... We just had one of those "Silly" days. One lady was laughing so much I thought se was going to wet herself....!
My other girl and my sister are home today. I just happened to wake up at 5.15 am this morning so text her to say welcome to the UK along with your passport you need a hat, scarf, woolly hat and your thermals....She laughed in her txt back and asked what I was doing up at that time? I told her I had a nightmare that strange people were landing in the UK... I'm in so much trouble.Lol.. Who cares, you got to have a laugh... Right?
I'm early doing this and need to get ready for work.
Leave some Love....

Lynn xx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Just a Mug...!

I got my Mug stamp from Stamps by Judith...... I love it and have stamped loads of them to pass on in the RAKs that I will be sending out....How will you decorate yours...
You need this stamp as it is so versatile.. Wait until you see my "Girlie Mugs"... They will be out soon.......
If you want this stamp get it today as Judith has 25% off...There is a smaller mug too..Lol.. i'm so tempted but that would be 3 orders in 3 weeks my bank is going to be on its knees soon begging me to stop spending..
Judith please stop making such wonderful images.........!!

I have used the paper from the Brenda Pinnick stack again..The green card doesn't look very on the photo, although I like it. However the purple card needs the ribbon taking off and balencing out with something different. I may have to get the cricut out and do some words down the card..??
I will also add a card or two from yesterday..
I'm feeling as good as i'm going to get after this cold/flu and feel lucky that I have not had it for as long as my Old man had it for..
I normally start tea at this time as hubby will finish work at 6pm but, if I order a chinese I have time to do another card. ;o)
Sounds good to me...
I was up at 5 am with hubby this morning and out shopping at the all night ASDA by 5.30am so i'm too tired to cook...Lol
That is my excuse and i'm sticking to it.......

Lynn xx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Just Messing......

I'm back... Nearly 100% but not quite... As it is the weekend I may get the proper rest needed to get to 100% I have had a funny 2 weeks of cold/flu as I have had to drive my girls to work and wait outside so I don't pass my germs on so have had to sit in the car and wait.... so not the best way to get better but my other girl is back on tuesday from Turkey where she has been with my sister and everything should get back to normal.... Mmmmm
As Shaz has been away in the sun she may end up full of cold in the next couple of weeks too....
Never mind it will soon be Christmas...!
I have had a good play today colouring cards in and getting ready for a sale that I may do mid November (unless i'm baby sitting) ;o)
Shaz sister in law had her baby yesterday a little boy, who is early and was due same day as my sons baby. he is doing fine and is in intensive care next to another friend of our baby that also arrived early. He weighed in at 5lb something and is 2lb heavier than the other little one. it's all happening here and they say things happen in threes so i'm on edge just now..

Right back to the cards...Lol... The New Home card I love and it is made with amn image sent in an RAK.. The paper is from the My Mind Eye stack ( I think) as is the blue card from the other day that I could not remember.... The flowers are by Primas ans the brads and everything else is from my never ending stash...
The Orange card is made with paper from an RAK as arethe tiny flowers at the bottom of the card, the bigger flowers are from my stash..

The "Men" cards are made with paper from Craftwork Cards here in Leeds.. The silver flowers are made from empty "Tonic" cans (as in Gin and Tonic) and were sent in an RAK from my Senior Citizen friend Marie over in Canada..( She did not send me any Gin though.. she drank that all herself... how mean.. hic!). You can see with the close up picture that the colour of the underneath of the flower is reflected in the paper...!!
come back soon and see what i'm going to rabbit on about......

Lynn xx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Worst Photo Ever

Just a quick posting today, just to let you know i'm still here..
The card today is using a digi image by Mo Manning. I had to remove my last post with a picture of one of her images as there was no water mark on it. Mo has already had problems with her wonderful images being sold on by people who did not have permission to do so. it was a mistake I had made and asked if it needed to be removed and I did so straight away.. The photo today is not fantastic but I had to make a card to show you one of her beautiful images. If you have not already seen her work you have to...... Mo has stamps coming out soon too. I'm saving already to buy some as soon as they are out... She has a group on PCP and it has already gone over the 400 members mark.......
Leave some love and tell me what you think...
I still have a touch of flu but hope to be back on track soooon..

Lynn xx

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Card Day...

I made a few cards yesterday on World Card Day although too many to show you all at once so I may keep some for a rainy day....
The sailor boy is a stamp that I bought from Bunny Zoe Crafts a few weeks ago. I had dressed the card and had not found the right image to go with it until now.... I don't even remember the paper I have used. It's not very often I use peel offs any more but as I have that many of them I thought I best use them.... I wanted to keep the card simple and not go over the top as I usually do..Lol...! I'm adding a close up of the flowers to show that I have screwwed them up and then opened them out and added a bit of bling...
I hope you like him as much as I do... I'm not sure which other card to show you so can't say much about it... I will choose when I get to add my photo..
Dinner is nearly ready so I'm going to sort it before it burns for a change..!
Leave some love and call again soooooon...

Lynn xx

Friday, 2 October 2009

Someone to make my tea..!

After a bit of sleep some pain killers I'm feeling a little better, although it's a good job I'm typing and not talking as my sore throat would not last long ( what do you mean you're glad i'm not talking... cheeky!). I thought I would finish a card to show you...
the papers are Lemonade by Basic Grey and am just about at the end of them. I may have enough to make some small cards.. The image was sent in an RAK and is one of a few I'm reluctant to use as when they have gone they are gone..Lol.. what are we like with these H&S images we treat them as if they were worth millions.... ;o) They probably are...to anyone not living in Sweden.. I have used my Sekura glitter pens on them as you can see, although the photo looks more glittery than it really is..
The nice big flowers and the charm are from The Hobby House.. The ribbon is from my mega stash from Craft Zone the button i'm not 100% sure where they were from..
Well I'm making some soup for my tea as everything I have eaten this week I have not tasted much so just want soup although it will be from a tin I do love to make my own vegetable soup all through the winter months.. I best show you the card and leave you in peace... Leave me lots and lots of love...
Lynn xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Always make Time for Tea..!

There IS always time in the day for a nice cup of tea.. In a nice china cup...Lol.. just ask my hubby (although he prefers a mug)..
It's short and sweet today as i'm taking an elderly lady to the doctors in the next 20 minutes.
The papers are again by Brenda Pinnick. The buttons are from my lovely new friend on the market on the east coast of the UK. The ribbon is from Craft Zone in Pontefract where I bought about £40 in one day...Lol hope him indoors never reads this...!
The flowers are from The Hobby House... Leave me some mega love.. I may have a small RAK candy again sooooon. I will see if I have enough stash...Forgot to say I coloured in with my Sakura gel pens..

Mega Candy

Have a look here for this mega Candy although it ends 30th OCT at 9pm. Twinklesglow has some wonderful things on there too. Go take a peek... There are pics but i'm going to work...