Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My Best present Ever..!

Oh My Word.. Look at what I have...!
This was given to me by Jayne.
The first person I have spoken to from Paper Craft Planet. She is always there for my silly questions when I'm stuck on how to do things on the computer.

I need to tell you 5 things that I love to do as part of the deal on recieving this award, as do you if I pass it onto you....!

1, I love to see my hubby every day and have a catch up about his day at work ( I used to be his Boss, he says I still am)....

2, I would love to see my family everyday although it is hard sometimes as we all have our own things to do, but do manage it every other day..

3, I love to craft.. If i'm not doing it i'm planning what to do next.. I sometimes wake up during the night with an Idea ( I know i'm sad) my friend even bougt me a dicta phone to talk to in the night!!!!

4, I just lourve to shop for my crafty stash......

5, I absolutely love my job so love to get out there. I'm self employed and enjoy meeting my "Oldies" for a chat or to take them where they need to be..

Now I need to pass this on to 10 people.... ( I bet i don't even have 10 friends to pass it onto).
So here goes..

1,First and formost It has to be Marie
Marie is the friend from PCP who lives in Canada, that I chat to more than I chat to my own sister who lives around the corner. Although she is going to become very very busy now so will only get to chat now and again.... Miss you Marie ;o(

2, Jacqueline is the wonderful lady that sent me an email asking if I thought her cards were good enough to put her pictures on the PCP groups... Ruffus is still in my emails... Just look at her now

3,Bev the best teacher out there for colouring with distress Inks.

4, Liz the winner of my first Blog Candy and a regular player in the Bingo game I run on PCP..
She does not have a blog but she is still a friend in my Cyber world.. and very patient with me.. I hope she has an eye out for the postman.. ;o)

5, Wynneth is a great lady and she makes the most amazing flowers and shares them with everyone.. She leaves the most amazing comments too..I know Jayne has given Wynneth this award too..

6, Jona gave an opertunity to do some wonderful swaps a few weeks ago and everyone loves her for it... I do not know why but I cant get her blog link to work...

7, Ursula from PCP like a game of Bingo too... She has No Blog but deserves an award...

8, Wanda is also from Paper Craft Planet and likes Bingo and has no blog..

9, Cheryl is a lady I met also on PCP and loves buttons.. It is by watching her with the buttons that I got the Idea to use beads.. I can't get to her blog link either..

10, I have lots of other people I could give the award to but the 2 most special people in my life are the ones that have to put up with me most days and look after me on my most down and ill days... My Son and my Hubby... Hope this is allowed...
After this very long acceptance speech I must go and see to our "burnt" again tea ;o)
I hope to have some craft tomorrow.
Thanks Jayne

Lynn xx