Thursday, 30 July 2009

Photos to go with the last post. !!

Yeah ok there is a limit to how many photos you can add to a blog...
here are the rest ;o)
Please read the "Very Pink" Post..!

Very Pink..

Yes I know you have been missing
me... Lol.. but I'm here now.... I have been busy making my
next door neighbours wedding invitations...and a very very pink door hanger as I enjoyed making the last one and using up a lot of my scrap paper too.
Some of the papers used are from RAKs sent from new friends on PCP..
Have you ever been on there? You can meet some wonderful people from all over the world..
You have to be careful though as you can start talking on the chat line with some very strange people for a good and very funny Hour....!! Lol
Yeah you know who you are ;o) I always end up burning our tea if I'm not careful...
I think she knows i'm joking it happens only once a day...
The answer to the question you asked earlier about the magnolia stamp is on the magnolia group... Enough of the chat..

The wedding invitations were to be very plain and simple (just how I like it).
They were my wedding gift to Claire and James along with some favours, but they will not be done for a while yet.. Yes they will be on my blog when they are done..
They are in Pink too...!

My new door/wall hanging is in every shade of pink you could think of... Last year I was not a lover of PINK..!
I'm not sure if there is a limit to the photos you can add I one go on your blog but I best just pick the best ones or you will still be here looking tomorrow..
I'm sure I rabbit on far too much too.. Please tell me if I do!

Enough said here are the photos or you will never return to my silly little blog...
Please feel free to leave me some love.. it is the only thing these days that costs nothing ;o)

Lynn xx