Thursday, 9 July 2009

Very Special

Well it's blog time again.. I'm sure I was only here 5 minutes ago.
Hubby has gone to chalet to fix the water heater and is not back until next wednesday ready for his shift next thursday.. I'm going to join him after a very busy day tomorrow until I ave to return next tuesday to do a little job. i'm not taking any craft stuff with me (what am I saying) but am taking a couple of books to read....
I may have to re think that statement and think about it for a while...Lol.!

I've made a very special card today for my grandson who will be 4 two week today..This card will be probably from my son as I like to send a bigger card...
I have the Seasame street cricut cartridge and never used it yet so it could be a card made with something from there from 'grannie Peg'(nick name given to me by my son and hubby due to my bad leg...)
I'm just going to add this picture then I'm going to the fish shop... I'm not cooking just for myself even though I have had a day off today..... I may as well let someone else do the cooking ;o)

I love this image even though he is quite old now..! The paper was sent in an RAK and I have used my whispers pens to colour.
I will be back next wednesday. Have a great weekend everyone..!