Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What's in this box ?

Hi there,
You all know I like to play in bed (keep it clean, remember... I'm passed all that..!) whilst watching TV... Well it took me 10 minutes to make this box... I don't measure anything although use my score board as a guide.. (I do really do need a score pal) to get a more snug fit.. for the little Post it pad inside it. I also cut the front tabs off as I was going to make it a different way.
Why does it say Thank You my friend will say when I give her it. Well I will reply I didn't have one that says "Daft as a Brush". when we were working yesterday we laughed non stop all day the oldies just loved it... We just had one of those "Silly" days. One lady was laughing so much I thought se was going to wet herself....!
My other girl and my sister are home today. I just happened to wake up at 5.15 am this morning so text her to say welcome to the UK along with your passport you need a hat, scarf, woolly hat and your thermals....She laughed in her txt back and asked what I was doing up at that time? I told her I had a nightmare that strange people were landing in the UK... I'm in so much trouble.Lol.. Who cares, you got to have a laugh... Right?
I'm early doing this and need to get ready for work.
Leave some Love....

Lynn xx