Thursday, 15 July 2010

It is not just a box! The Album is half made...

Yes it has been a while

I wanted to do this one last post here before I put my laptop to rest. I am having to type this with one hand as my other is holding up the lid as the hinges have both gone now ;o(

I have been telling you all about the project I sent in to the Magnolia mag and as I have had no confirmation that they are going to use it here it is. It started life as a box that my hug boot type slippers my son bought me last christmas.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Just scrapping..

Sorry I have not been around but we are having a run of bad luck just now, health wise and with the cars too...
Just been messing today with some photos.. I do not have many good ones of my Welsh grandchildren them my son told me I could download them from his facebook page.. Lol.. How thick am I...
So I spent a couple of hours trawling through the albums and put some onto a "Toggle" and had some printed out yesterday it cost me a fortune but will keep me happy and quiet for a few days....
I had a bit of fun yesterday making soap....I was in the mood to do something different and easy..So I went upstairs and reach down the soap making kit I bought a few months ago.I never thought of taking photos but I will next time I make some... I can't wait for Christmas this year...Lol... at least I'm getting ahead..

The other thing I have been doing is painting some box sets (the ones that stack inside each other) that I bought months ago ready to decorate and make books to go inside...
The picture framing shop got raided by me again yesterday as I was passing. He is great in there as he gives me all his waste... I always put some money in the charity box though..
Well I best hurry as I'm making parsnip and apple soup and do not want it to spoil.....!
Come back and see what I'm up to soon....

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My tool box...

Just a quick post as I have the worst week ever..
I bought this box at NEC to decorate and have done it over the last 2 days..
What better to decorate it with but my new spring Magnolia Kit...
Anyone reading the H&S posts on Paper Craft Planet will know my head is all over the place just now and did not think about what I was doing properly... I used Gesso on the plain bare wood as a base and then stamped my new images onto the box, then used my distress inks to colour them with. Not thinking about it being waterbased I then covered it in Distress Clear Crackle paint...Lol..
Any normal time I would have thought about it..the next ones I buy will be coloured with my copics...
I am still very happy with the effect I have just that the colours smudged a bit...!
The pictures are not as good as I would have liked either but I hope you get a little bit of inspiration from it..

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

And some more...

Just a small chat today...
I finished off a few more cards again today and still using my cricut as I have not put it away yet..
There are even a couple of Christmas cards too..! Oh and my first easle card is there it's not very good but will try again..
I have also booked a table at a craft fayre so may get so sell some....!
I have a busy day at work tomorrow and away for the weekend so I may not be back until sunday/monday..
Enjoy your weekend..

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm so in Love....Lol..!

I'm on a roll with my cards just now and have fallen in love with my cricut all over again after thinking about selling it to buy the Big Shot Pro I have used it loads over the Easter weekend..

The 3 cards today are ones that have had paper and some embellishments on and have just been waiting for an image and finishing off.
I love the green one most. The paper is great and think it is basic gray..Lemonade but not sure..Lol.. the leaves have been cut from my cricut and embossed with the spotty folder which I think has had most use out of all the ones I have..

I am in the middle of making my first easel card too.. I will post it when it is finished...
My craft room is still a mess but I have picked up all that ribbon... ;o)

Lynn xx

Monday, 5 April 2010

Get Well...

Hi there,
I hope you are all ok and not too sick with chocolate....!
I have been good and had some strawberries and ice cream instead..

The missing card is the one in blue and green with Tilda skipping. I love this image and nabbed a few from my friend but will buy her at some point..

In my work I always have Get Well cards ready so made a man one and a lady one just to be on the safe side... They are made with a Shy Bear stamp I bought last year...
As I had no greeting big enough out came the Cricut again and cut some swirls whilst it was out for the lady card... I have had a busy day. ;o)

The last card is a colour combo that I love and created the card before Christmas.. it may even have been 12 months ago, I have added Popcorn Bear and a nice big orange flower.
The gold fancy bit in the middle only had a small hole but wanted to use it so out came my
crop o dile... where there is a will there is always a way......!
but the outcome is a very very very messy craft room.. Lol..
My cricut it out on the small fold up table in the middle of the room my crop o dile has fallen over and for the man card I could not find the ribbon I wanted so turned the box upside down to find it.. I think I will have to close the door later as it is time to start tea... It will have to wait to be tidied until after work tomorrow afternoon. Unless I can get the sound back on my tv in there and watch tv whilst I try and find my carpet...

Hope you have had a good crafting day off work too. call again soon....

Lynn xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Why.. Oh.. Why...

How come I made 2 cards and only took a photo of one of them..Lol..
Never mind it will wait for another day. This photo is of a card that had paper only on it a thought that this image was perfect for it, along with the swirls that I cut out on my cricut yesterday to go onto another project but did not look right for it but was right for this card..Why this happens I do not know but we never waste anything do we...!!

My project for now is finished and just waiting for my magnolia 3 magazine to come through the door so that I can send it to them and see if they can use it. It depends on the theme of the next magazine though.. They may still use it just for an inspiration page...Lol.. If they do not use it I as always enjoyed making it..

Just opening a bottle of wine to have a glass and watch a film. Have a great Easter all of you and see you again soon..

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More New Rubba...!

I bought my second Lilli of the Valley stamp whilst I was at the NEC and managed to make a car today, in between decorating eggs with my 2 young Nieces ( they give me 24 hours notice and expect me to have everything they need and get upset when I don't).....I'm having no more kids....Lol...!
I also used some stamped images of Popcorn bear that I had stamped a while ago on 2 other cards. I have not added any text on these 2 cards as i'm not sure what they will be used for just yet...

I have used distress inks and inkadinks on the cards. When i get some natural daylight tomorrow I may add a touch of h2os to them too..
I may be back in a day or two with more stuff... So keep taking a peek..

Monday, 29 March 2010

Mini Magic...

I just love the mini magnolias and there was one that i did not buy and wish I had.. It was in my hand several times but it can wait until november. It was Edwin as a cook sat down. I am kicking myself though now...Lol..
I have found my Mojo too and made a few cards since saturday. I was dead chuffed last night when I managed to get the mini tilda to sit on the bed. the first one she was just not right but usable but this was my second attempt and "spot on" i don't think I could get it much better.
The fairy stamp is one I bought from a friend as she had bought 2 by mistake (on the same day too. She is getting on a bit...).
The Tilda I have sat up a tree is made with a stamp that normaly has an Owl sat on the branch...
I think there is so much you can do with the Mini stamps and all the other stamps in your stash..
I'm looking forward to going back to the NEC to buy more.... i best get saving now though..

Lynn xx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Covered in ink..

Well I have been to the NEC at Birmingham today with my son, Vicky and baby Emily...
I met a few strange people there I can tell you... You may know one or two of them...Lol..
It was nice to meet up with a couple of friends from Paper Craft Planet Jayne and Wynneth and we met at the best place....on the Magnolia stand of course, although I did not get to have a coffee with them this time I hope to do so in November if I get back again.. It was so busy I did not think it would be that busy so it may be the sunday next time.!
We only spent about 2.5 -3 hours there as I know Vicky is going out tonight and I'm not the best person to travel..

I have already made a card with the mini magnolias that I bought and had not taken a photo of my stash for you so picked up my stash and the card and not realised I had spilt a drop of ink on my desk hence the ink on the magnolia packets.
I bought a House Mouse stamp too and then found a new craft to try with paper glue and few hearts shapes made of wood I will blog them properly another day when I get to play sometime in the week..
There is also a wooden pencil box and a money box for me to work some magic on too.. I need some gesso too but there are road works near the shops that I can buy it from locally so it can wait a while i'm in no rush. I also bought a new 12x12 scrapbook as did Vicky so that we can do some for Emilys pictures as she grows...
Hope you all had a wonderful day too..........

Lynn xx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Scrabby Bits....

Hi There,
I have been scrapping again (no not fighting..!) Scrapbooking...!
The photos are of 2 of my granddaughter, one from my son and one from Georges son.

The pink Pj page is of myself and Our Emily and the second page is of Our Charlotte or Lottie..
I love the turquoise in the bib so wanted to use that as the main colour and the large flower is great as you can make them as big or as small as you need. There is however space on one of the pages for me to do some sort of text, I may need some words from mum or dad for this...
The photos are great as there were so many taken in a short space of time. I do think she got a little bored due to the big Yawn she did... Lol..

We need to take and print our more of Emily and it looks like I will get the chance whilst helping out when mum goes back to work soon... If and when i'm needed the camera will be by my side although a new one is needed so I best start saving.

I will be back with more pages soon as my cards are on the back burner for now.. I will do more when I can find my MOJO again...

Come back soon but leave some love too so I know you have been over to look...

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Melt Pot and Grunge paper....

Less than 24 hours and i'm back again...
I promise that I would put some pictures on for Marie in Canada a while ago and then I never got around to it. Sorry Marie....!
So as well as the grunge paper flowers on the boxes I have used my melt pot....and wanted to show you the flower I made first and just love it....
The first box is the blue one and I wanted to keep it plain. There is a bit of a flaw in it but i'm not saying what but it is the melt pot flower that I love. The basic shape is one from a mega bag of shapes I bought from Craft Work Cards based here in Leeds and the middle is an old button that I bought from the market on the East coast of the UK and thought it was a perfect match. the side view is just to show that I try and thread ribbon around just to keep the box together a little as the sides kept coming unstuck using DS tape, on the cream box I managed to use eyelets..

The cream box was the one I made after watching Tim Holtz. It is not fantastic but I like it. The flower was my first one made with his grunge paper. The big bold beads that I bought from the same market on the east coast are wonderful and knew I would find a use for them as I just bought them because they were so nice... What are we like....Lol..

I have also finished my wedding card but will put it here in the next few days..

Get your melt pot out and use it it is so much fun, but I now want more colours ;o)
I would also love some of the TH sizzix flower dies.... My list gets longer every hour...

Lynn xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Coices, choices... !

I was very excited yesterday as I had 2 cards in my door which meant 2 parcels to collect although one is too far away and will be redelivered on Thursday now.
I have been to collect one today and was even more excited as it contained my new magnolias and some more Tim Holtz grungepaper and more of his goodies which means the parcel on Thursday will contain a set of his inks that I got on ebay... Bargain...!

I have had a chance to play with my stamps and have made a card that is on the magnolia group on PCP (i'm not sure about it but it is made now and the wedding card that I have started here but not sure which flowers to use...
I don't think I want an over loaded card just a minimalistic one. I may lok at it again after tea or tomorrow. Which flowers would you use???
I am looking forward to doing more on the project I started to email to magnolia hoping it will get into one of their mags... You will just have to wait and see but it is Big.... My son saw it today and could not believe what he had seen and thought it was beautiful but I think he his bias.... Lol

well I best make tea..

Lynn xx