Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Happy Times ahead...

After losing my George just over 2 years ago now.. I am ready to blog again though I have a new love :)
It's my sewing so in the next few weeks I will add pictures of what I'm up to..
But first my other bits of news.. Other than the new grand children I have a new very special man in my life... and i have moved oh so much to tell you so I think that as it is so late just a few pictures..


It has been a long time since I hve been on here that long I have 4gotten what to do..! Lol xx
I have been told that someone has left me a post here today but I can't find it.. Mmmm

Thursday, 15 July 2010

It is not just a box! The Album is half made...

Yes it has been a while

I wanted to do this one last post here before I put my laptop to rest. I am having to type this with one hand as my other is holding up the lid as the hinges have both gone now ;o(

I have been telling you all about the project I sent in to the Magnolia mag and as I have had no confirmation that they are going to use it here it is. It started life as a box that my hug boot type slippers my son bought me last christmas.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Just scrapping..

Sorry I have not been around but we are having a run of bad luck just now, health wise and with the cars too...
Just been messing today with some photos.. I do not have many good ones of my Welsh grandchildren them my son told me I could download them from his facebook page.. Lol.. How thick am I...
So I spent a couple of hours trawling through the albums and put some onto a "Toggle" and had some printed out yesterday it cost me a fortune but will keep me happy and quiet for a few days....
I had a bit of fun yesterday making soap....I was in the mood to do something different and easy..So I went upstairs and reach down the soap making kit I bought a few months ago.I never thought of taking photos but I will next time I make some... I can't wait for Christmas this year...Lol... at least I'm getting ahead..

The other thing I have been doing is painting some box sets (the ones that stack inside each other) that I bought months ago ready to decorate and make books to go inside...
The picture framing shop got raided by me again yesterday as I was passing. He is great in there as he gives me all his waste... I always put some money in the charity box though..
Well I best hurry as I'm making parsnip and apple soup and do not want it to spoil.....!
Come back and see what I'm up to soon....

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My tool box...

Just a quick post as I have the worst week ever..
I bought this box at NEC to decorate and have done it over the last 2 days..
What better to decorate it with but my new spring Magnolia Kit...
Anyone reading the H&S posts on Paper Craft Planet will know my head is all over the place just now and did not think about what I was doing properly... I used Gesso on the plain bare wood as a base and then stamped my new images onto the box, then used my distress inks to colour them with. Not thinking about it being waterbased I then covered it in Distress Clear Crackle paint...Lol..
Any normal time I would have thought about it..the next ones I buy will be coloured with my copics...
I am still very happy with the effect I have just that the colours smudged a bit...!
The pictures are not as good as I would have liked either but I hope you get a little bit of inspiration from it..

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

And some more...

Just a small chat today...
I finished off a few more cards again today and still using my cricut as I have not put it away yet..
There are even a couple of Christmas cards too..! Oh and my first easle card is there it's not very good but will try again..
I have also booked a table at a craft fayre so may get so sell some....!
I have a busy day at work tomorrow and away for the weekend so I may not be back until sunday/monday..
Enjoy your weekend..

Lynn xx