Friday, 7 August 2009

Blog Candy Surprise..

I still have no idea what i'm doing... I want to give a small RAK type Candy just because i'm nearing my first 1,000 hits.. I will send to who ever where ever.. There is no picture as it is a surprise..
I just need you to leave me a message (so that I can click on your name to find you), no link needed however you can do a link and tell everyone if you want to spread the word...
My niece will read and pick the winner.. I'm not even giving you a date, it will be done as soon as I'm up to 1,000 or just after if it happens whilst i'm away between the 12th-17th August.
Today i'm doing a table top sale at a football 5 a side tournament my son has arranged..
I hope to be back later with something nice that I have made... Have great weekend...

Lynn xx

Even Better...

After showing my friends the notebook I posted yesterday they have asked me to make them some for christmas stocking fillers..
I had started some more last night.. Yeah I was sat on my bed...Lol.. I know that there is always plenty of room on my bed...!
I added some beads ( I do love working with them) I also wake up with them stuck to me though at times....
I also need to make some for boys..
Does anyone know the best glue to use on the spines of books etc.. I have heard of Hodge Podge glue but never seen any..
Have you notice the Link to Pink Gems to win the candy.. Well my son has just called and had a moan (he must take after me) and after asking him to read an email sent to me by Marie my new best friend from PCP (Paper Craft Planet) to tell me how it is done, he read it and took over so it is a very basic post with a link that you must take a peek at as the stamps from there are fantastic. The snowman card I made last week, the stamp is from there.
Well I best add the photos...
Please leave some love and tell me what you think....

Pink Gem Candy

To win Pink Gem's lovely candy follow the link and follow the instructions from the Pink Gem site.

Pink Gem Designs Stamps