Saturday, 4 July 2009

I got to play... It has been far too warm to decorate
anyway, don't you agree.....I knew you would. Lol..!
A woman of my way of thinking!!!
So The pink stripy card I don't like at all, but the strawberry card I do. The only thing wrong with it though is I know I have some strawberry charms..Somewhere ;o) if you know what I mean...I should sort things out.. maybe tomorrow.!!
What do you say??next time I use the strawberry stamp I may just decoupage it to give it some depth..


  1. They are verry nice.... I like them and I still want this kit :((
    The depth off the strawberry.... decoupage is maybe better but I still like it how it is ride now!

    marianne XX

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I am stunned... you seem so busy and still you make this beautiful cards!!!
    You have my respect :-))
    Hugs Kathi

  3. Lynn, what cuties!!! Both of them are just all the details...Hugs..Jacque

  4. Lovely cards Lynn - these are such cute stamps :0)


  5. I like 'em both, but the strawberry one is super cute. I think a dimensional glaze would make that strawberry look even yummier! Love the layering of the lacy border...have to try that.

    Marie xx