Saturday, 10 October 2009

Just a Mug...!

I got my Mug stamp from Stamps by Judith...... I love it and have stamped loads of them to pass on in the RAKs that I will be sending out....How will you decorate yours...
You need this stamp as it is so versatile.. Wait until you see my "Girlie Mugs"... They will be out soon.......
If you want this stamp get it today as Judith has 25% off...There is a smaller mug too..Lol.. i'm so tempted but that would be 3 orders in 3 weeks my bank is going to be on its knees soon begging me to stop spending..
Judith please stop making such wonderful images.........!!

I have used the paper from the Brenda Pinnick stack again..The green card doesn't look very on the photo, although I like it. However the purple card needs the ribbon taking off and balencing out with something different. I may have to get the cricut out and do some words down the card..??
I will also add a card or two from yesterday..
I'm feeling as good as i'm going to get after this cold/flu and feel lucky that I have not had it for as long as my Old man had it for..
I normally start tea at this time as hubby will finish work at 6pm but, if I order a chinese I have time to do another card. ;o)
Sounds good to me...
I was up at 5 am with hubby this morning and out shopping at the all night ASDA by 5.30am so i'm too tired to cook...Lol
That is my excuse and i'm sticking to it.......

Lynn xx