Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Under my Nose..!

Hey ladies,
Hope you are all well and still crafting like mad... I'm having a couple of days dressing cards up with dp (yeah, I do everything backwards) as I'm running out of 8x8 crads that are ready for images.
I should photo some at some point. Maybe tomorrow I will.... I dress the cards then i will put an image to the card and know just what colours to use as everything is ready, just embelishments to add after image is done.. You know what I mean.. I just play with bits of paper n doublesided tape and what ever sketch happens happens.. I get to sew beads n stuff too..
the real reason i'm blogging today is that I have wanted my friends dad to make me a unit on wheels that would hold my 12x12 boxes that I keep stamps and dp in.. Then as I have been trying to get my house in order I noticed the unit in our lobby that makes me mad as it is to hold shoes and coats then you can turn it round to hide the shoes and you get a nice 4foot high mirror to see..Well there are too many coats on it so have got rid of some the shoes always end up on the floor as people can't be bothered to put them on the unit..My hubby brings the odd magazine home from work for his friend and puts them on it until he gets time to go visit and I have now pinched it and put it in my room (still no skirting just yet but never mind).
I also bought myself a drop leaf table yesterday and can't make my mind up if to take it to chalet or keep it in my room....!
Well i'm just rabbiting on so I will leave you with the picture and carry on with some more.. Hubby has just come home early from chalet... He says he ran out of food so came home instead of doing shopping as he was coming back tomorrow anyhow..(bang goes my playing in peace)..
See you all later...

Lynn xx