Saturday, 17 October 2009

Awful picture.. nice card though!

I will try again.... blog published before I said anything..!
What an awful photo... The best of the daylight has gone already ;o(
I need to get started a lot earlier now that the season is changing... I think we change our clocks next week or just after.... I hate this time of year! I do however love the change of colour on the trees though...
I have the news on just now and am so so sad at the funeral of Stephen Gately.. When other people are upset I am also almost in tears... RIP peace lad...!
The card I have made I love as the image is great for a young child.. The colours have an autumn feel too.
I can see it is time for me to make some cards using my scraps too so as I watch x factor tonight anything could happen with the choice of papers.
I could do with some note lets to send with my RAKs...Lol so you could receive anything ladies..
Tea is nearly ready so i must go give it a stir (a casserole) before it burns.. again...
Oh by the way I have just seen a sneek of some new Magnolias that are on pre Order at
Sir stampalot oooooh what a trea,t my bank man is not so happy..!
I have just been asked about the Onion comment left by Tabby on my last posting...

Jaqueline ... tab wanted to know the best way to get rid of the smell of Onion from your hands and I told her to try raw potato....

Leave me some love .... I will need it when I go see my bank man next week... ;0)

Lynn xx