Saturday, 3 April 2010

Why.. Oh.. Why...

How come I made 2 cards and only took a photo of one of them..Lol..
Never mind it will wait for another day. This photo is of a card that had paper only on it a thought that this image was perfect for it, along with the swirls that I cut out on my cricut yesterday to go onto another project but did not look right for it but was right for this card..Why this happens I do not know but we never waste anything do we...!!

My project for now is finished and just waiting for my magnolia 3 magazine to come through the door so that I can send it to them and see if they can use it. It depends on the theme of the next magazine though.. They may still use it just for an inspiration page...Lol.. If they do not use it I as always enjoyed making it..

Just opening a bottle of wine to have a glass and watch a film. Have a great Easter all of you and see you again soon..

Lynn xx