Thursday, 25 February 2010

Just for a change..!

I have left my cards for a couple of days and have had a dabble at scrapbooking again...
I have quite a few albums on the go but am never happy with the results, but I keep trying..
These are my two darling grandchildren from Wales.. We will meet up again at some time this year for some more fun and a chance to get more pictures...
The black and white photo page is the one I like best, it does not look as good on the photo... the one thing I wish I had not put on is the white rose in the middle of the flower, I think just a plain pink brad would have been better....
The other two pages I like and have used up some embellishment sent in RAKs..... the more I do the better I hope to get...The white space is ready for some text.
Tomorrow I hope to have a go with my melt pot... It has been waiting for some use for ages (i bought it a few years ago as it had 30% off) I managed get the utee a few months ago..
My desk is getting to the point where I will be able to use it safely...Lol.. I have some flowers that i'm dying to use in it and after seeing the demo on qvc on Tuesday i'm itching to get going with it. I now wish I had bought the small "Cookie Cutters" in the sale in January when I had them in my hands.....
Let me know what you think of my scrapbook pages.

yesterday my hubby told me he had found the pile of odd socks I have in a drawer (the washing machine always eats one..) and said he may as well wear them.... OMG what am I to do with him...Lol..
I will have to add that to my album too.. ;o)
See you again soon.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Just Messing...!

Visitors have just arrived so I best keep it short and sweet.....
I have been finishing off more cards and have even put the verses in them and put some away in boxes...Lol.. I will add some ribbon to the boxes soon and a flower or two ready to give as presents...
We had snow again yesterday and it is forecast again for wed, Thur and Friday too so looks like I may have chance to finish some more off...
Here are the pictures, I got to go as the twins want some of my time too...!
I will be back before the end of the week hopefully..

Friday, 19 February 2010

Sweets for my sweet...

My friend was 40 a few weeks ago. I gave her a lovely box of hand made cards a nice pen and some refills, I also added a Note book to the inside top of the box. She loved them, but she loved the sweets the best. I had thought about adding more embellishment however she is not into crafting like we are and would have moaned about too much stuff on it so I kept it minimalistic (big word for me on a friday..Lol).
I showed my other friend it as the box was from the glasses she had bought for me at christmas along with a big bottle of white and some flowers (they know how to keep the boss sweet).....!
She loved it and she will now try and do something along these lines herself (I know she won't as she does not have a creative bone in her body, she will have the idea and ask me to do it).
She has never seen anyone get so excited over a clear plastic box...
The amount of sweets that box held was unbelievable. I can see a trip to the dentist looming, although my friend has just become a step mum of 4 children...
Hope you get some inspiration from it....
I hope to be back with more soon..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Where am I going...

Do you ever start a card and not know which way it will go and how it will look when you have finished it...Lol..
Most of my cards are like that as I dress the cards with paper first and with the ribbon etc then go back later and do the images and colouring..
The beige coloured card today with the brown spotty organza ribbon is one card that I just had to keep going with as I did not have any sort of plan at all.
Tilda was just an image on her own on a biggish piece of card.. I added the shelf the best i could then realised I could not put anything on it. The tea towel was added but nearly touches the floor so I just added part of the jar for the hell of it. i don't think it is that bad for a miss match card had fun... I've just noticed I need to ground her as she is on thin air..!
Well I best leave you some photos of the cards finished today.. i have about 50 more to finish then I may just do one at a time for a while..

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Candy Time... Please scroll down for newer posts..!

I'm here again as I said I would try to do...
I am also doing a surprise Candy too.. This will be drawn on Feb 14th.. It will not have a Valentine theme it is just that I will remember on that date to sort it...Lol..
I will post anywhere so just make yourself a follower so that I can find you and tell everyone about it is all I ask... and make me laugh with a comment..

My stamping desk is still not clear yet but it is getting better. I need to clear it soon as I have loads of new stamps to use or they will be "Old Stamps" before I know it and out of date....
The days are getting longer and the chalet is open next week so hubby will not always be under my feet... Poor thing...!

After loosing contact with my dad (lost his phone number etc) for the last 5-8 years I'm going to York on saturday to meet him with my son and my granddaughter. I hope it keeps fine and there is no rain...

I best leave you with some pictures of what I have been up to... I'm still on with the Magnolia Project but not showing any pictures of that... I only hope I get it finished by the dead line in february.... If anyone out there can sell me some more hours I would be greatfull..

Lynn xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Candy winner 14th Feb 2010

Jan you made me laugh
I will send you some Candy. I have left you my email address on your blog so you can send me your address..

Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep your eye out as I will have some more soon..

Lynn xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Martha Stewart..

What a fab deal.. 4 MS punches for £29.00.. I only managed to get one set not the one I wanted but fab all the same.. There is 1 deep border punch, 1 corner punch the border punch to with it punch and a flower punch with 3 stamps to go with it....
When this deal sold out far too early in the day they had to give another good deal so I ordered that too which was 100 sheets of 12x12 bazzil card stock and half of it or a lot of it was Bling card too.. I'm a very happy bunny ;o)
It's on again now on QVC but thought I would do my blog to keep me from ordering more..Lol.
I have also managed to finish some cards that I started a while ago..
I do love the Tilda sitting with her present this has to be one of the best stamps I bought last year.

Ooooh the MS iridescent heart and star glitters is beautiful... I best keep typing...Lol....
I best start saving for the next time they come over to the UK..!
I best leave you some cards to look at....

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Just a Quickie...!

Here I have a few cards I finished off in the evening whilst watching the tv.
The papers used with the new magnolia stamp is from a my minds eye stack I bought a few weeks ago. The image of the lady has since had her face coloured.
The card with the "Shy bear" eating cake I love and used some glaze on the jam.... Oh I must go shopping...! I want cake...Lol..
Sorry it's a short post but i'm out all day today....

Friday, 5 February 2010

Man stuff...and more.

Just a quickie before I go to work and them straight to the east coast for the weekend.
I love this card (although i'm not a gun lover) and there is a chap that would love it.. I will knock on the door next week and ask his wife when his birthday is as they live next door to one of my clients and I see him going out and he always wear khaki clothes. They sometimes look in on my client when i'm ill or when we had the 3 weeks of snow and get him anything he needs. His Tv guide is the main thing as he watches tv all day...
I just Love Edwin fishing as you know... these 2 cards are 8x8 in size (I still have loads of these left). the flowers are from craftwork cards and I have had them forever and never used any. I want to get my stamping desk clear so I can get my melting pot out and use them in it.. I love to use buttons too...!
The Mo Manning stamp will be worn out soon and is at my side on my desk at hand always as is Edwin Fishing...Lol.. I use the old couple on my cards lots due to working with a lot of elderly people and makes a good anniversary card as well as birthday cards...
I will be back next week with more creations.. I want to use my melting pot (I bought it a couple of years ago when it was on offer but have only just bought the stuff for it).
Leave some love so I know you called and don't forget the candy above, get your name down and make me laugh.
Lynn xx