Monday, 20 July 2009

Well here I am as promised yesterday with piccies of the long lost stamp...Lol..!
Yeah.. i'm early but we have to decorate today as hubby is off work until thursday morning and I only need to nip out to take someone shopping in the next hour, so I need to hide my laptop away (I may just take it upstairs so that I can have a bit of a 'Hop' tonight).

I have made 2 cards (no I don't sleep) using the same papers as they are fabby papers bought from The Hobby House. (The post man has just been too with my new Sugar Nellies of the Home Grown style... ;o))

Hubby just asked when we finish decorating the room do I want the furniture putting back in the same place etc... I say my furniture moving days are over but if he wants the sofa and tv etc in a different place I don't mind.. We used to have a Taxi business until we grew up and got proper jobs...He used to come home in the early hours some nights and I had moved the bed so he always ended up stubbing his toes.. ;o)

i'm just putting off add the sweetest images.. One is from the new Magnolia Summer kit and the other is a long lost never been used sweetie...!
I hope to be back tomorrow if he has not sealed my laptop shut as he is sat tapping his feet....! As always..

I'm back just to tell you I had taken piccies but not cropped them.. now that that is done I can add them... Have I told you that I have found the sweetest stamp... I best go......