Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fed Up..!

Well I'm still house bound as we have black ice all around us again and just now it has started to snow again...!
I've been finishing a few cards and am making yet another winter warming stew... I dream of salad with nice ripe vine tomatoes....and some fruit and Ice-cream...Lol...
I hope you can see that i'm using all the goodies up from the wonderful RAKs you have all been sending... It's nice to use something different..
I will be back tomorrow as looks bad here for the rest of the week.. My girls went out to do a couple of jobs and ended up coming home (I was so glad as I did not want them to go in the first place, they are only young and getting to realise I'm right in what i'm saying to them) as they were skidding. One of the other team fell on her bum so was not pleased, she did not hurt herself only her pride...!
Take care out there...!