Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Well here it comes.... are you ready for my little (who am I trying to kid...!)Mess.
If you believe that then you will believe anything..Lol...
I'm only doing this to make myself have a tidy, it's my day off tomorrow..
yeah I know i've just had a long weekend but...It's just the way it goes ;o)
My Way..! I'm the boss and that's just how I like it.. I will never be made redundant again.
If and when I get tidy in there I will post another picture but please, please don't hold your breath...Lol I would like you all to be here to lve another day and be able to keep looking in. You never know one of these days I will get tidy...
I have found half an hour or so to finish this card off too. There are a few others that need finishing too so maybe tomorrow I will...Oh well lets just see eh.


  1. OMG Lynn...that looks so much like my stamping room it's scary, lol! I wish we lived closer, then we could help clean up each others' would be more fun that way. Glad you're back...I missed you:)

  2. yep, looks like mine too (on a good day)
    don't you find though if you tidy up you can never find stuff !!!!

  3. Cute card, Lynn...and that room looks very tidy to me...hahahhahaha