Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I have been asked to show what I bought over the weekend at the show other than the post that I added yesterday here is what I bought...
The stamp storage was £2.85 so I bought 10 and there is still not enough for all my stamps, I think I have one more box to empty. I need to fine my laminator so that I can put them in so that I can see on the outside what is in each carton. I bought lots of double sided tape as I use loads of it. I had noticed I had run out of the Pink Sherbert Ariondac paint dauber the day before so replaced it.
Of course I bought a Magnolia stamp, although the 3 I wanted were not there.
I just love the Oldies stamps so bought 2 and I may have the other later next month Thanks to Jayne from Paper craft Planet...who may get it for me from the NEC.
I bought some inks too but don't seem to be able to find them... They could be in the darkest corner of my car boot..Lol.
I also bought a Stamps by Judith stubbie stamp of a tea cup.. Brads from The Hobby house where the storage cartons came from and 3 lots of Kling on or Eze mount as it was the cheapest I have seen it for a while.
We got lost on the way home too so instead of half an hour it took us just over an hour to get home but hey we got there in the end..... I forgot I also had to buy a new water brush as mine has one a bit "Frizzy" with the amount of times I used it......

Lynn xx