Friday, 5 February 2010

Man stuff...and more.

Just a quickie before I go to work and them straight to the east coast for the weekend.
I love this card (although i'm not a gun lover) and there is a chap that would love it.. I will knock on the door next week and ask his wife when his birthday is as they live next door to one of my clients and I see him going out and he always wear khaki clothes. They sometimes look in on my client when i'm ill or when we had the 3 weeks of snow and get him anything he needs. His Tv guide is the main thing as he watches tv all day...
I just Love Edwin fishing as you know... these 2 cards are 8x8 in size (I still have loads of these left). the flowers are from craftwork cards and I have had them forever and never used any. I want to get my stamping desk clear so I can get my melting pot out and use them in it.. I love to use buttons too...!
The Mo Manning stamp will be worn out soon and is at my side on my desk at hand always as is Edwin Fishing...Lol.. I use the old couple on my cards lots due to working with a lot of elderly people and makes a good anniversary card as well as birthday cards...
I will be back next week with more creations.. I want to use my melting pot (I bought it a couple of years ago when it was on offer but have only just bought the stuff for it).
Leave some love so I know you called and don't forget the candy above, get your name down and make me laugh.
Lynn xx