Saturday, 27 March 2010

Covered in ink..

Well I have been to the NEC at Birmingham today with my son, Vicky and baby Emily...
I met a few strange people there I can tell you... You may know one or two of them...Lol..
It was nice to meet up with a couple of friends from Paper Craft Planet Jayne and Wynneth and we met at the best place....on the Magnolia stand of course, although I did not get to have a coffee with them this time I hope to do so in November if I get back again.. It was so busy I did not think it would be that busy so it may be the sunday next time.!
We only spent about 2.5 -3 hours there as I know Vicky is going out tonight and I'm not the best person to travel..

I have already made a card with the mini magnolias that I bought and had not taken a photo of my stash for you so picked up my stash and the card and not realised I had spilt a drop of ink on my desk hence the ink on the magnolia packets.
I bought a House Mouse stamp too and then found a new craft to try with paper glue and few hearts shapes made of wood I will blog them properly another day when I get to play sometime in the week..
There is also a wooden pencil box and a money box for me to work some magic on too.. I need some gesso too but there are road works near the shops that I can buy it from locally so it can wait a while i'm in no rush. I also bought a new 12x12 scrapbook as did Vicky so that we can do some for Emilys pictures as she grows...
Hope you all had a wonderful day too..........

Lynn xx