Monday, 7 September 2009

What a Mixture...

Hello everyone..
I do hope you all had a great weekend.. I'm sorry i'm a little later than normal but i've been to see the accountant.. ;o( What more can be said..
The cards I have made are christmas and or Digital image cards although the christmas mitten is a stampin up stamp... I made one big card and six small ones and may give them to one of my ladies or give them to one of my oldies to sell for the church roof fund as they always have one or some fundraising to do..
the two "eskimos" as I call them kissing is by Mo Manning and the other 2 I have forgotten who they are by I love and am making a set of six to go into a box as a gift set when the box and everything is ready I will make sure I know who they are by.. I think it's because they are so new to me..
Sorry it's short and sweet but hubby has just sent me a text to say he may come home tomorrow... so I best make sure the bed and everything is clear as it is covered in craft stuff and is stripped as I washed the bedding so needs making...
Leave some love and come over again to see what other stuff I can create..

Lynn xx