Monday, 5 April 2010

Get Well...

Hi there,
I hope you are all ok and not too sick with chocolate....!
I have been good and had some strawberries and ice cream instead..

The missing card is the one in blue and green with Tilda skipping. I love this image and nabbed a few from my friend but will buy her at some point..

In my work I always have Get Well cards ready so made a man one and a lady one just to be on the safe side... They are made with a Shy Bear stamp I bought last year...
As I had no greeting big enough out came the Cricut again and cut some swirls whilst it was out for the lady card... I have had a busy day. ;o)

The last card is a colour combo that I love and created the card before Christmas.. it may even have been 12 months ago, I have added Popcorn Bear and a nice big orange flower.
The gold fancy bit in the middle only had a small hole but wanted to use it so out came my
crop o dile... where there is a will there is always a way......!
but the outcome is a very very very messy craft room.. Lol..
My cricut it out on the small fold up table in the middle of the room my crop o dile has fallen over and for the man card I could not find the ribbon I wanted so turned the box upside down to find it.. I think I will have to close the door later as it is time to start tea... It will have to wait to be tidied until after work tomorrow afternoon. Unless I can get the sound back on my tv in there and watch tv whilst I try and find my carpet...

Hope you have had a good crafting day off work too. call again soon....

Lynn xx