Sunday, 24 January 2010

Moved Out..

I had made my mind up about moving my bed out of my craft room at long last..Lol..
So on friday night the move started and I slept in my old single craft room and made way to put my desks, shelves and stash in place. It is not tidy yet by a long way but I hope by next weekend it will be done.. How long have I been sorting this out...!
Well I have a desk that is clear so i'm slowly finishing some cards off and boxing them up and in the process it is clearing the other desk that I will use just to do my stamping on.
The small cards are just smaller than a 4x4 and fit in lovely metallic box cubes that you can buy from any card shop or gift shop for about 69p. I am filling these to give to family and friend one for their birthday that will be full of Christmas cards and one for Christmas that will be full of general cards. I started this at Christmas and gave them a nice pen and refills too as you can see in the silver boxed present.....
I'm still using scraps up too....
I best show you some photos.. Hope you like them...

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