Thursday, 3 September 2009

My first Digi Card

I have seen this image by CC Designs around for ages and thought I would give this Digi image thing a go.. although you can buy the stamps from here

I have tried with many different mediums but have found copics the best, however a friend of mine uses distress inks on her digital downloads.. It may depend on the quality of the ink you have in your printer (mine is the cheepest there is... Times are getting hard..!)...
The best thing about these images is that you can size them to what ever card you are doing, this is a 4x4 card. I'm hoping to sell lots of this size (not this image) as I want to buy a wheelchair for my business as we have just borrowed one from age concern and it is as old as adam and my poor client must have felt every bump in the road....
I have added some flower soft to the wheel barrow and some very fine glitter to her wings although I wish I had not done her wings..
Well it has been my day off today but I have, taken one of my ladies out shopping and then just as I got back I got a call to go have a look at another job so went back out. Whilst I was in the area I called in for a cuppa with my aunt that I have not seen for about 6 weeks ( I used to go weekly but am just getting very busy). So this is the only card today due to having to find a medium that would work for me..and now it is time to start our tea... I promise Not to Burn it again today.. I wish I had a pound for every time I burnt it as I would never have to work again Lol.... Is it just me or do you other crafters get carried away and burn tea or lunch???
The paper I used today was printed from a disc probably 18 months ago! the pink card is just basil card stock the ribbon from my stash...
Leave some love and come back and see me again some time sooooon...

Lynn xx


  1. Love it....especially the pink!

  2. oh wow. I have been using digi's for about 2 months and you did a better job first time round! Fab card.

  3. Hi Lynn - first of all, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my tri-fold card. So, you're a friend of Marie's - lovely talented lady she is. Your first digi-card is awesome! Oh how I wish I could colour like that with copics. I have some but have not mastered the technique very well yet. Your colouring is amazing and I love the shade of pink of your card - very 'girly'.

  4. Lynn, I think this my favourite card of all the ones I've seen you's fab! Miss you lots in the chat room....hope to talk to you soon!

    Marie xx