Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Award from Marianne


Thanks Marianne I will add everything and pass it on as soon as I know what to do as it was passed to me in Dutch I think.. Have a look on her blog she has some wonderful things on it..
I have had a very busy day at work today so nothing to show other than a couple of photos when I saw my grandchildren a couple of weeks ago... They are so so cute just like "Grannie Peg"....What do you think???

wow I now know what to do so here goes....

7 Questions to be answered and pass it to 7 people..

My work is as a Self employed cleaner or Home Help which I love.

My Hobby has to be to Play with anything Paper then I add a little glue, Ribbon and anything else to do with craft. I started many years ago making my own Frames and messing with MDF.

I'm a messy Crafter. ( A very Messy Crafter)

I live in a 3 bedroomed house with a very small garden.

I worked as a Trainee Quality Manager before made redundant and was my hubbies Boss..

I want to get my business to get very busy so my hubby can retire..

I like to make people smile. I also like to shop for my craft and do the Bingo on Paper Craft Planet..

I'm passing this award onto;
Marie in Canada
Karin in Holland
Bunny Zoe who's blog and shop I have just found and she is going to get fed up of see my orders.... ;o)
Jayne from Paper craft Planet
Debbie from Paper Craft Planet although she has No blog she is a great friend and puts up with me....!
I will pass it to another 2 people when I can think who to pass it onto...

Lynn xx


  1. Hi Lynn

    I've found another dragon and I am now following. I love your blog.

    Ali x

  2. Hee Lynn,

    Congratulations hihi... You have to tell 7 things about youre self:
    1) what do you do for living or something
    2) what kind off hobby's
    3)what do you like: everyting ordend ore do you like a lot off mess
    4)Do you live ia a house and what kind off house ore do you live in a flat...
    5)What kind off work do you do or what else do you do
    6)what do you really want to do, whats youre big wish (mine is.. to loss a lot of weight)
    7)what do you really like: i like everything but got no time to do everyting.

    Than pass this award over to another 7 people
    Hope you understand what i mean... sorry but this is not my thing hahaha, goodluck


  3. Lynn, congratulations on your award!!! What darling pics...thanks for sharing them...have a great day, sweetie...Hugs..Jacque

  4. Cute pictures of the grandkids! Don't ya just love being a Grandma-I know I do:) Enjoy!

    And Congrads on the Award!


  5. I just want to thank you for the amazing blog candy I received today. Took a pic of it.....

    Liz xx