Thursday, 17 September 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well here I am again busy doing nothing... Well I'm dressing my 8x8 cards as i do with all my cards first.. The papers are by Basic grey from their Lemonade selection, and as you can see i have been sewing seed beads on them too and ribbon has gone on there too...
I just love the zesty lime green colour. I never know how the cards will end up, I just enjoy the dressing of the card first and then see where that takes me... I'm away to the doctor soon to sort my creaky neck out.. It has been hurting me for long enough now and it is getting very hard to turn my head and look at my "Blind" spot when driving as I am now having to turn my body rather than my head.... My son says he is taking me to the vets if I dont see the doctor..Lol... He is so very sweet and knows just how to phrase things....
I will eventualy show you one ofr two of these cards finished but it could be over the wekend as we will be playing catch up with work tomorrow and I'm at a wedding saturday evening... Let's just wait and see if I can get some finished....Come back and see....
Enjoy your weekend as it is here again...

Lynn xx


  1. Lynn, you better get busy and stay busy because those cards are coming to North Carolina to that shop in MY state...lolol...I couldn't believe that shop is in my same state that you are doing cards for...AMAZING!!! They will love them!!!! Hugs..Jacque

  2. Lynn, I hope the doctor has found something to help with your neck pain...or is that a pain in the neck (snort!) sorry I couldn't help it!
    Seriously, I do hope it's getting better and CONGRATULATIONS on your first international design job! Whoo hoo! I'll be able to say
    " I knew her when........"

    Loads of love,