Saturday, 12 September 2009

I'm sad.....

I stayed at home and am so so miserable now..Lol... Anyone would think I had no stash to play with.. I have been in the bath for a nice long soak have moved some of my stash sround and have made a card.I'm trying to keep busy and pretend that i'm not bothered.. I will set off for the chalet soon so that I'm out of the way. I have even looked at how far it would be from the chalet and if it would be easy enough to get to from Harrogate;o( I don't like to go out of my comfort zone and would have to go round York so am keeping well away as they have a Paper Mill shop nr York..
Any how for my card I have used Basic Greys Lemonade, these are the ones that have been with me far too long and if I don't use them now they will be out of fashion and will jst get saved to look at so have taken the plunge over the last few days and prepared some 8x8 cards with them. I showed you one yesterday.....I sat and sewed some lovely pink pearl beads on last night and came across this image this morning sent to me in an RAK. i'm not sure about the flowers and the leaves again but there is room for the word "sister" or" friend" what ever too if I wanted to or even a name if I was to use it for a nieces birthday...
Well I best get something to eat now and get a few things together to take to the chalet.. Book or craft is my next dilemma....Lol.. What to do next.. A book my sunglasses and a small bottle(Mmmm) of wine oh and those grapes that keep calling my name.. Oh by the way it is official I have now lost a stone and a half ;o) I would love some chocolate and some biscuits but I'm feeling lots better and have more energy so I will leave them alone.. Maybe an Ice cream when I walk along the beach later and think of the money I have saved today.. Hubby finishes work at 6pm so should arrive at the chalet at about 7.30pm.. Have fun see you all later for a cyber chat....!
Lynn xx


  1. Hi Lynn

    It is a lovely card and the flowers are great. I like the image too must get on and colour some of the ones I won in a RAK.
    Enjoy your time at the chalet - relax!!

    Ali x

  2. Poor Lynn! I had to check back to your previous post to see what you are so sad about!
    Hope you have a great time at the chalet and I love your new cards. I'm going on a shopping trip on Monday for the store, so I'll try for a chat on Tuesday or Wednesday!

    Marie xx

  3. Never mind Lynn, Have a great relaxing time at the chalet with a good book. Does wonders and have that ice cream.
    Hugs, Ursula