Thursday, 20 August 2009

What's in the Box....!

Now you may be wondering what I have been up to...
It has to be another box as I have far too many cards.. This box however is very very special as it is to introduce everyone to my first grandaughter whom I will be going to see on Friday. They live so far away and we are all busy people so I only get to see them once every so often. When Courtney gets older I may let her have the box but for now it is my pride and joy and I can look at it whenever I want to..
Black may seem an odd colour but with pink it stands out very well and I Love it...! I keep adding embelishments if and when I come across one that is nice enough as nothing but the best will do.
I hope you like the box as much as I enjoy looking at it.
When I meet with them next week I hope to be getting more up to date photos. I now also need to find another nice box and do a blue Thomas the tank Engine one with photos of Cian my Welsh grandson who is Courtneys older brother.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Courtney...
She will be the grand old age of 2 ;o)
Oh and then I best get another box for who ever it may be that will arrive in November. We do not know if it is to be a boy or girl as mum and dad want a surprise...
Georges (my Hubby) son and his girlfriend had a baby girl last Thursday "Lottie" (Charlotte Matilda).
I need to get even more boxes..... As the grandchildren are now coming thick n fast I think these boxes could be nice for christmas presents... What do you think?
Please leave me some love and let me know.
It will be early next week when I leave anything here as i'm away for the weekend.


  1. Lynn this is almost as adorable as your grandaughter. What a cutie she is. Glad we got to chat today. Have a great time visiting!
    Marie xx

    BTW.....Hope George is feeling better!

  2. I love it....the box will make amazing Christmas gifts!

  3. Simple adorable!!! Your grand-daughter & the box:) I may have to do a box up of my grand-daughter from birth, what an Awesome idea as a gift! Now you've got me thinking-LOL!!!!

    Aren't those little grandkids the most precious little things-I love being a grandma:)

    Have a great day,

  4. what a lovely keepsake.
    i love the colors

  5. Lynn, this is just fantastic!!!! And what a marvelous idea!!! I am so glad to see you back!!! Big hugs for you...and come visit me and see what I have in store....some SWEET STUFF!!!! HUgs...Jacque