Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms

Well I'm getting so tetchy and need to get crafting. I'm behind with some RAKs and this months will be due to go out soon too. If you are one of the ladies from PCP reading this and are due an RAK I am so so sorry that it will be late.
As you know my bedroom/craftroom is in the middle of being decorated etc but my hubby is so ill at the moment i'm not rushing him to do much. The doctor has said he has had the Swine Flu but it can take up to 6 weeks to clear properly. When the doctor did his blood preasure he said it is exactly the same as the last time he had it done... in 1992..! Yeah he hates to go see the doc.
I have tomorrow off work so I may get to paint a couple of walls. i will not be able to put new skirting on but that can wait. Over the weekend I may be able to move my grandbaby's new pram and the car seat and the nappy wrapper, my excersize machine etc and get to my stash and do a little bit although I don't know if I will get to what I want as it is all stacked up!
My will be getting bitten to the wick if something doesn't get sorted sooooon......!
Here have a look...


  1. Good luck with your decorating hunny, you will soon have things back to normal, and will be able to craft again. Hugs Linda x

  2. Lynn, that doesn't look so, I hope George feels better real real soon...YES, you have been missed but seems that everything takes much more time than we ever just hang in there...Hugs..Jacque

  3. OMGosh Lynn you poor thing, and poor hubby, I do hope he is feeling well soon hun!!!!! I feel bad for you, I know with having to take care of everything its hard. dont worry about the RAKS being late, your hubbys health is more important!!! Hugs to you hun, miss seeing ya over at the Alota challenges, hopefully your room and everything will be done soon, so you can join in on some fun! :)


    try to have a wonderful week k!!!

  4. Hey Lynn, what kind of a pathetic excuse is THAT! Just kidding my friend. Hang in there and you'll soon be churning out gorgeous cards again in your lovely new room. Great chatting with you today!

    Marie xx