Thursday, 10 December 2009

Birthday Book

I'm back... sorry it's been a long time but we have changed servers and this one is rubbish and it is a 2 year contract... I bet I complain...!

Well its 2 weeks till christmas and the cards are all done and posted.I have about a dozen ready for next year and am still making them. If I carry on until the end of this year I may have at least half of what I will need next year...! Hows that for been organised..

I'm making Birthday Books as christmas presents too so that I just need to nip out and buy some nice pens to go with them alng with a few home made cards too..Lol..!

I have been using up my scraps of dp on the front/back covers..
There are plain pages after the picture and calendar month so that in november they can mark off number 30 and on the blank page add 30 = Lynn etc..

Hope you like them...
There is a photo of my 2 year old granddaughter too that came up from south wales to see the new baby... This is the same granddaughter on my PCP photo too!

I hope to be back tomorrow with more chat....!

Lynn xx


  1. Lynn your granddaughter is gorgeous, bet she'll get spoilt at Christmas! Love your birthday book idea. People really appreciate items that are handmade. I wish I was on top of making all my Xmas cards but at least the people who I need to send cards to live in the UK. I was very naughty today and have only just posted my Brother in Law and family's Xmas card to the Bahamas. They will just have to receive it when it gets there lol!

  2. What a lovely idea to make these books Lynn and you are som organised, you put me to shame!!! I'm still trying to get some cards made, so they'll have to go out with first class stamps :o( Got the important ones made and sent out though!

    Keep up the good work, I can't imagine being so organised that I'd have christmas cards made a year in advance!!


  3. Oh, Lynn, she is an absolute doll!!!! And I have missed you but am amazed that you have gotten so much done...the birthday books are just the cutest...Big hugs for you...Jacque