Monday, 23 November 2009

Just messing.....!

Here are a few cards that I have been messing about with...!
The christmas /birthday card with the H&S image on is a card I get asked for by one of my clients every year. It is for his niece in Australia who's birthday is on christmas day so he asks for me to do a nice card...

I have already done a bit of baby sitting ;o)....
My son and Vicky asked if they could leave Emily with me whilst they went home for some bits n bobs they needed... They can't wait for the boiler to be fixed tomorrow so they can show Emily her nursery that they worked so hard to get done.. It's the first time my son had wall pappered and they picked a Nursery Rhyme Mural type thing that was made up of so many squares... I was glad it was him and not me doing it. He has done quite a good job too.......

Hope you like the cards... I hope to be back in the next couple of days with more..although I have bought 2 jars to decorate up for christmas ;o(

Lynn xx

1 comment:

  1. Love your cards Lynn, they are beauty.
    Enjoy your time with your little sunshine, Emily
    Hugs, Jóna