Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What's in this box ?

Hi there,
You all know I like to play in bed (keep it clean, remember... I'm passed all that..!) whilst watching TV... Well it took me 10 minutes to make this box... I don't measure anything although use my score board as a guide.. (I do really do need a score pal) to get a more snug fit.. for the little Post it pad inside it. I also cut the front tabs off as I was going to make it a different way.
Why does it say Thank You my friend will say when I give her it. Well I will reply I didn't have one that says "Daft as a Brush". when we were working yesterday we laughed non stop all day the oldies just loved it... We just had one of those "Silly" days. One lady was laughing so much I thought se was going to wet herself....!
My other girl and my sister are home today. I just happened to wake up at 5.15 am this morning so text her to say welcome to the UK along with your passport you need a hat, scarf, woolly hat and your thermals....She laughed in her txt back and asked what I was doing up at that time? I told her I had a nightmare that strange people were landing in the UK... I'm in so much trouble.Lol.. Who cares, you got to have a laugh... Right?
I'm early doing this and need to get ready for work.
Leave some Love....

Lynn xx


  1. Gorgeous box hun, love the paper you have used! Thanks for the tip to get rid of onions, helped loads!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  2. What a darling box, Lynn...you are so talented...I can't make one well when I measure everything to a T...lol...what are onions???? Hugs..Jacque