Sunday, 25 October 2009

Look what I found...!

OOOOh look What I found in a bag of mount board off cuts..
What are they you may ask, but my brain went on overdrive for a while..
They are the middle of the mount that are used for framing pictures and I was lucky to find 2 in a few bags that I got from a shop and all you have to give is a small donation (I can get them free in a different shop but have not been here for ages but still bought raffle tickets from them) I gave her £5 and she said it was far too much so she told me to take all 3 bags....How lucky am I..! Little things please tiny minds as they say... Lol how true is that...
Any how I have started this picture for my bedroom wall and am going to put the words
"My family" at the top. i'm not sure how to finish around the edges... I thought of punching some holes and do some "Over" stitching and adding some beads or putting some flowers in places....I need to find my Magnolia cat to put on top of the pile of books too..
Leave me some love and suggestions please.....
Hope you like it.... I Love it... My niece wants it.... So I need to do the other one....!

Lynn xx


  1. It is absolutely darling, Lynn!!!! Gosh everyone will want it...I have been missing you and hope everything is well now....Beautiful job, sweetie....Great big hugs for ya...Jacque

  2. What a fabulous idea Lynn and aren't you a lucky girl finding these in the bag of bits :o)

    You've triggered some ideas in my mind with this, I know I have a bag of mountboard bits as it was one of the things that got tidied as I've been organising my craft room..... thanks Hun ;o)

    Do you have a bind-it-all? If so, you could bind the edges and tie things on to the rings, or sew around with some yummy ribbon.... How big is it? It isn't easy to tell from the picture.


  3. Lucky Lynn :o)
    You could put lace around and glue it on the backsesd. I also like Wynneths suggestion :o)
    Hugs, Jóna

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I don´t have an idea how to pimp the picture but I like the other ideas!
    And you did a really great Job, this must be a lot of work, to make a scene this big. I am stunned.
    Lots of Love and Hugs to you!!!
    XXX Kathi