Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Melt Pot and Grunge paper....

Less than 24 hours and i'm back again...
I promise that I would put some pictures on for Marie in Canada a while ago and then I never got around to it. Sorry Marie....!
So as well as the grunge paper flowers on the boxes I have used my melt pot....and wanted to show you the flower I made first and just love it....
The first box is the blue one and I wanted to keep it plain. There is a bit of a flaw in it but i'm not saying what but it is the melt pot flower that I love. The basic shape is one from a mega bag of shapes I bought from Craft Work Cards based here in Leeds and the middle is an old button that I bought from the market on the East coast of the UK and thought it was a perfect match. the side view is just to show that I try and thread ribbon around just to keep the box together a little as the sides kept coming unstuck using DS tape, on the cream box I managed to use eyelets..

The cream box was the one I made after watching Tim Holtz. It is not fantastic but I like it. The flower was my first one made with his grunge paper. The big bold beads that I bought from the same market on the east coast are wonderful and knew I would find a use for them as I just bought them because they were so nice... What are we like....Lol..

I have also finished my wedding card but will put it here in the next few days..

Get your melt pot out and use it it is so much fun, but I now want more colours ;o)
I would also love some of the TH sizzix flower dies.... My list gets longer every hour...

Lynn xx


  1. Very beautiful indeed those flowers are STUNNING
    Happy St Patricks day to ya.. have a drink on me
    infact lets make that three lol..
    top o the morning to ya..Jan

  2. Love your boxes, not sure about the melt pot. all new to me. Will have to do some investigation. Lovely to see all your "doings" warm wishes

  3. Thanks for the pics Lynn. Now all I need is a tutorial LOL! Love the boxes but like Ursula, I'm not sure how you did the flower with a melt pot? Isn't that the thing you melt UTEE in? You'll have to clue me in next time we chat. thanks for sharing