Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hic Hic Hic..!

Well I don't believe it has been over a week since I was here last...
My lap top is playing up so have been given my hubbies until the January Sales start... I can keep saving to get a better one, but at least I know what my christmas present is this year..!
We still have no Grand child yet although it is not due until monday, I have said bonfire night all way through so watch this space..Lol..!
My sisters birthday is on the 24th so if she goes over you never know... Mine is not long after but a bit too far away..
I have been in my jim jams all day today as I have given myself the day off. The Christmas Fayre season is creeping up so want to be ready as I was not last year and ended up not doing so well.

The photos show my "Bottle Tags" that I have been making today...
Tomorrow I have a short day so want to make some "Book Markers". Making these uses up my scraps of paper and ribbon...
The first orange bottle tag was made by accident but was happy with the result so led me to make more. The girly Pinkish one is made with an off cut of Laura Asley wall paper that I spotted in the shop a couple of weeks waste not want not...! What the photodoes not show very well is that around the pink button top left I have sewn small seed beads on.. and the stamp says "Cheer up"... I was going to make it into a tag that Says it's a Girl but I hope to make 1 of pink and 1 of blue and hope to use one of them on a bottle of champagne in the next few weeks..! I'm getting very excited now and am starting to wish my days away until I get the call tosay she has gone into labour...... Ps took more pictures so you can see...!!!
I am hoping to get my melt pot outb later to make some bits and bobs for my own Christmas tags... I love making them as they add something a bit special to a present. i'm not sure what I will make but no doubt you will know soon enough ;o)

Well tea is nearly ready so I best add the photos. Leave me some love...

Lynn xx

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