Thursday, 25 June 2009

So what did I do to my box after yesterdays post...
I added a handle, some flowers, leaves and some H&S Images..
The sides were left without flowers as They will only get tatty when they are stacked in the corner..
This one will house my 8x8 card and yes I have started another one but not sure what to keep in it.. Maybe my mass of ribbons, although I would need a few more boxes for that idea. My 8x8 papers need a home so I may do that. What would you use one for????
My friend who gave me them works in a craft shop and can get me more if I want any...I said yes please before she could catch her breath..
I also made some other flowers yesterday....

1 comment:

  1. Lynn, you are one talented lady. The box is fabulous and your flowers are beautiful. Remind me to tell you about my new way to store loose strands of ribbon....I love it.

    Marie xx